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Kratos and Master Chief Finally Face Off Thanks to God of War Mod (IGN)



Remember those debates with your friends over who would win in a fight between God of War's Kratos and Halo's Master Chief? Well, now you can see the two video game titans duke it out thanks to a PC mod for God of War 2018.

The mod was originally created by Marcos RC, and the footage takes the first boss fight from the game, replacing The Stranger with Chief himself. You can check out a snippet of the brawl below, or watch the entire thing play out on Marcos RC's YouTube page.

"We finally have a Master Chief vs Kratos battle. This is such damn cool mod. #Halo #HaloInfinite #GodofWarPC"

Due to the nature of the original boss fight, Chief doesn't rely on any of his iconic weapons, instead opting for hand-to-hand combat. So, I guess the jury's still out on who would win if both characters were fully equipped.

Modders have been creating all sorts of wild God of War mods since the game launched on PC earlier this year. If you want to see a much more comical brawl, check out how one modder replaced Kratos and The Stranger with Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.

Kratos fans are anxiously awaiting God of War: Ragnarok, the follow-up title to 2018's God of War. Ragnarok recently received a rating in South Korea, suggesting the game is set to hit its 2022 release target. There are certainly high expectations for the game, as we awarded its predecessor a 10/10 and our 2018 Game of the Year award. God of War 2018 even came out on top in IGN's best video game of all time fan bracket.


this is the ONLY reason why people play on pc
now excuse me because i need to double dip on this game
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Fortnite tho.

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Ain't Chief 8 feet tall and like 1000 pounds other then the small ass looking Chief good mod lol
Just for fun, Kratos was canonically stated to be 8'6" back in God of War 3. No joke.

from 3:39 to 4:24 this tech artist describes his character model and outright says he is "8 and half feet tall".

Likewise Hercules in God of War 3 was stated to be 12 feet tall and 4000 lbs here: which is super consistent with Kratos' 8 feet plus height since he only came up to Herc's lower chest in that boss fight.

Anyway, those personal stats don't really matter in a fictional fight. Feats are what matter and feat wise the two are in completely different stratospheres.

Chief can flip over a heavy tank with effort whereas Kratos can fight universal+ level beings.


ok that’s nice but where is the part where they stop fighting, Master chief takes off the helmet and says “you’re truly a god”

Then they start kissing?

snow white witch GIF


Would be interesting to see a vehicle fight. I bet Master Chief's toys would get annihilated by this:
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