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Konami plans to change its name to mark its 50th anniversary


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Its board of directors agreed on Thursday to change the company’s trade name to Konami Group Corporation, subject to shareholder approval.

Should the move be supported at its general meeting of shareholders in late June, the change is expected to come into effect on July 1.

Konami’s current fiscal year marks the 50th anniversary since its establishment in March 1973.

“Since its establishment, the Company has expanded its business as a pioneer in the Japanese entertainment industry and now operates in four business segments: Digital Entertainment, Amusement, Gaming & Systems, and Sports,” Konami said today.

“In marking the Company’s 50th anniversary since its establishment, we will change the trade name so that we, along with its group companies, will continue to take on new challenges and strive for further growth as a sustainable company.”


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Hey, it’s like when Camp Crystal Lake was temporarily renamed to Forest Green in Friday the 13th Part 6 because they think that’ll fool people into forgetting the horrific shit that went down there.

Reporters: “Excuse us, we’re looking for Konami. We’ve heard reports of the company poorly treating their employees by going all Big Brother 1984 on them, demoting employees for simply expressing happiness at a coworker possibly finding new employment, and shoving senior game developers into pachinko warehouses and janitor positions at their fitness centers where they developed suicidal depression.”

Konami: “Oh, err, that’s not us. We’re Konami Group Co.”

Reporters: “…but Konami is still in the name.”


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I don’t think Sony is buying this gym/gambling company. Yes, they made some good video games in the past.(that we all miss) But not anymore. Hopefully it outsourced or sold its golden IPs.
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Don't change it, the name is iconic.
How about "Kjonami"? That logo confused the hell out of everyone back in the early days of 8-bit micro ports.



We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
change the company’s trade name to Konami Group Corporation

Way to sterilise it even further.
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