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Kirby & the Forgotten Land |OT| You Are What You Eat

This game Is a masterpiece.
I don't know why they took so long to make a 3D kirby game, but if this is the result of years of experiments, well, time well spent.
It is super fun, never ever boring, it has a perfect lenght with many big levels.
Ost is great too.
And the evolution of powers, the secrets, the colors.....Just enjoy the game!
Thanks Hal and Nintendo.
Finally beat the game. Similar to the 3DS ones, it's got literally the best ending in a game all year - rivaling Bayonetta for how over the top and action packed it is. Phenomenal. I was literally laughing and hyped and just mashing the Y button.

I've got a bit more left for 100%, and then moving on to the post-game. This game honestly should be rated 93+ on Metacritic. It's nearly flawless, like the 3DS ones.


Sorry for the bump but this is driving me crazy...

The game tells me there are these codes, and one of them is on a building right across the delivery place but there's nothing. Do I have to subscribe to Nintendo Online? The game doesn't say so. Everytime I search for this on the net they only tell you the codes and where to redeem them - nobody shows locations. Are these codes NOT ingame? Because the game tells me one of them is on a wall which has no goddamn code on it.

Please help. :messenger_confounded:

Edit: OK nm I figured it out, you need to be next to the wall for elfilin to read it... I hate myself. :lollipop_weary:
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