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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning coming to Switch!!!

Just saw Nintendo Insider tweet this!!


Super pumped for this!! I've always loved this game since it originally released on the 360 (and PS3). I was, and still am, a big fan of R. A. Salvatore's books, which helped draw my interest with this game. Overall I thought it was a great action rug (other than you not being able to jump except in certain places...that was dumb). I hated how things went down with the publisher but was super pumped when it became backwards compatible on Xbox One. I had not picked up the Re-Reckoning version and now I"m glad I didn't. I hope that there is a physical copy!!!


Friendly reminder that a new DLC pack is still in the works. Devs have been talking a bit about it on discord, it's still a handful of months off.


Nice. The PS4 right now is $30 from 40 initially. I hope they don´t ask $60 for it. At least it should run well.


I played the original on the PC and wasn't a fan. The combat was pretty good but the missions and plots were super generic

Mr Hyde

Gonna be a good fit for the Switch. Tempted for another run, since my save on PS3 (about 40 hours) got corrupted I never got to finish it. Unfortunately, I have a lot of long games to complete, so not sure where Amalur will fit, time wise.


Just bought an XBox copy from Gamefly for $15 bucks. I look forward to playing it at 4k/60fps on my Series X. I don't think I could play this kind of game on my Switch...
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