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Killer7 - Suda51 and his cel shaded, psychogenic fugue masterpiece


I love Suda51 and the No More Heroes franchise but for me Killer7 is Suda51 and both his best and his weirdest.

What other game takes the concept of a fugue state and runs with it as it’s core gameplay mechanic? An assassin in a wheelchair with seven distinct personalities fighting against a rogue United Nations...and that’s just the tip of the proverbial story iceberg. Throw in one character who exposes secrets by slicing her wrists and spraying blood on the walls and a severed head who gives you cryptic hints along the way...and you have a recipe for a wild and Intriguing ride.

graphically the cel shading looks amazing, especially for a game that came out back on GameCube. It still 100% holds up and gives the world of Killer7 such a unique feel that has aged extremely well. It’s perfect for the game as well...it really drives home the overall vibe and world building of Killer7.

Gameplay wise Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture managed to take a restrictive concept (on rails movement) and combine it with Resident Evil style fixed cinematic camera angles to make it feel innovative. It would stand to reason that an on-rails third / first person shooter would feel like it was holding your hand but it’s done so well that it felt new and refreshing back in 2005.

But it’s really the story that is the star here; it’s Suda51 being weird and innovative without going TOO far with the story. Sometimes he hits it perfectly but sometimes it feels like “weird” is forced into the games just for weirdness itself.

Rumor is Suda51 is working on a sequel...or at least in a 2018 interview he mentioned one. Fingers crossed it happens and I’d love to see and hear more of the world or Killer7.

curious who else has played?


Fantastik Tuna
^ P.N.03 was underrated and highly atmospheric - I won't listen to some dopey Youtuber speak ill of it. They knew exactly what they were making.

Seriously, I fucking hate Youtubers.
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