Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Fidelity Mode Gameplay & Impressions (PS5 4K 30FPS)


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animation lol GIF by Disney Pixar




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I think I'll get this for PS5, looking at PC version it appears I can't just whack everything to 4K + ultra and play at locked 30 on a GTX 1080 and I don't think I can be bothered tweaking settings.

According to PCGamingWiki the game (on PC at least) uses the UE4 tonemapper sharpening to counter loss of detail with the TAA (and TAA quality increases with the post processing setting in-game) which I'm very happy about because I generally do that with every UE4 game anyway but apparently the value used for the sharpen is 3 by default which I think might be too much, would be good if you could control it in-game but I'm enquiring with someone on PCGWiki to see if you can override it with engine.ini tweaks.


Gaming right now is probably around 2005-2010 animated movies. Not in pixel count obviously but overall fidelity for sure. And everything is real time!

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No mate, you see it's become this bragging mantra of a certain crowd that use it as some sort of visual benchmark. It's almost always a PS5 game as well, it's a ridiculous thing to claim yet I see being used consistently.

So you're saying let them go on with this ludicrous idea? Fair enough 😅
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