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Keeping your PS5 vertical might cause some issues, as reported by some users, with specific faults. Sometimes.


Reverse groomer.
oh yea, I forgot that PS2 and 360 had that type of tray design.

Later on with PS3, XONE, PS4 a different design is used where that can't happen.
Ps1 had the best design, no risk of the disc falling anywhere and the lid popped open like a flap. I wish more future consoles used that instead of that other design


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I think I know those guys



Thought about putting it sideways the last week or so since I have the space in my Entertainment Center, but I still prefer it vertical. No issues thus far since launch.
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they're adorable. it's still crazy to me how such captivating creatures can fuck up a PS5
also, Dark mode gang!!!!

True, I know they'll rub up against it and drop it so all my consoles are horizonal. I'm not worried about the PC as its too heavy for them to move or tip or something.

Also darkmode will always be beast lol
That could happen in Xbox 360 models. Needless to say that fear carried on later into life
No it didn't, there was a part in the tray that stopped the disc from wobbling, but moving the console would cause the disc to make contact with it, causing it to scratch; the disc didn't "fall inside the hardware" lol.
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It was designed to stand vertical so I highly doubt that even 1% of users will experience this type of malfunction. Plus you can't lay the PS5 horizontal, it looks like a beached whale with albinism.


So we're concluding from an extremely small dataset now? Ok, sign of the time's I guess;-)
Personally I've kept mine vertical since launch with no issues.
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Kept it vertically because that ugly piece of hardware is only bareable looking at with a paper-like front and a small PS logo facing me. That way I don't see the all these ugly asymetric curves and parts. This is also the first time ever I heard that the metal would move downwards. Wonder what's the paste in my PC keeping it from wandering? This seems like a very anecdotical issue and maybe due to a rare factory error or error by the user who may have oppened the console prior to this?

However, in some instances of the PS5, the seal between the APU and the cooler seems to be getting damaged.
I wonder how it's getting damaged in the first place.

I'm secpetical.
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I never put consoles upright, not since my upright xbox 360 destroyed my copies of burnout paradise, fable 2, and fallout 3


I had overheating issues with mine recently as it stood vertically. It could be what material the system sits on, im not sure - but now that its lying on its side it hasn't had issues so im good.


If the seal that encloses the liquid metal is broken or gets damaged then it's not going to make a difference whether the PS5 is horizontal or vertical, that shit is busted due to liquid metal being conductive.

It's the seal that can fail which is the issue here, not whether the console is horizontal or vertical. Honestly the gaming press are useless hacks.


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I've been told turning it on and using it to play games also increases the chances of it failing.

Anyway, I keep mine vertical because it takes up less space and looks nicer.
Also it's standing up vertically on the freaking box:


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I got a laughing/crying emoji response from one of the village idiots. That means I'm 100% correct.

I got one from quoting the last sentence in the article which basically translates to "it's fucking nothing" after all lines and lines of redundant clickbait inconclusiveness prior.
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