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Just Cause studio’s new game Contraband is reportedly based around vehicle combat

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Just Cause studio’s new game Contraband is reportedly based around vehicle combat​

“They are going for a sort of more tactical kind of action game,” it’s claimed

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios’ new IP Contraband will reportedly be focused on vehicle combat.

Announced in June 2021 and set to be published by Xbox Game Studios for console and PC, Contraband is officially billed as “a co-op smuggler’s paradise set in the fictional world of 1970s Bayan”.

Fresh information about the open-world title has been thin on the ground since then, but Windows Central’s Jez Corden claimed to “know what the game is” during a World of Gaming stream this week.

“I got the design brief… It’s sort of based entirely around vehicle combat, [it’s a] very different type of game,” he said.

“Basically, you plan smuggling runs and heists and then you execute them. It’s sort of like, the idea is to not to kill your opponents.

“The weapons revolve around disabling enemy vehicles like taking out the tires and stuff like that, rather than going on massive killing sprees with bloodshed and all that kind of stuff,” he added.

“They are going for a sort of more tactical kind of action game where killing is sort of seen as a last resort.”

In an Xbox Wire post when Contraband was announced, director Omar Shakir called it the studio’s “most ambitious and spectacular game to date”.

Avalanche and Microsoft started discussing the project three years earlier, Shakir said, but he didn’t reveal how far along development was.

“We’re taking everything that we’ve learned from 18 years of being at the forefront of creating beautiful, vast open game worlds filled with stunning vistas and incredible emergent gameplay moments,” said Shakir.

“To fully deliver on our vision for Contraband, we have an amazing team at Avalanche Studios that are pushing the boundaries with the next generation of our Apex Engine, the technology behind all our games, including the Just Cause series.

“We built the engine to unlock the creativity of our developers and we’re excited to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of Xbox Series X/S.”

As well as the Just Cause series, Stockholm, Sweden-based Avalanche also developed 2015’s Mad Max and co-developed 2019’s Rage 2 with id Software.

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Hope it has unique missions, and more stealth aspect.

It would be a fun game, if it has these mechanics.


I just realized how wierd it is that Avalanche Studios is a subsidiary of Nordisk Film, the distributor of Playstation in Scandinavia and that they are making a Xbox exclusive!

They did pretty good in Mad Max, this can become a really great game!


I can't think of any vehicular combat games I've enjoyed, I would say there goes my interest, but a title card never really gained my interest in the first place :p
Maybe gameplay in the future might change my mind, who knows.


I remember hearing awhile back that this was basically "Sea of Thieves but in cars"

Sounds like it could be interesting but if it's also a service game they really have to make sure there's actually enough stuff to do at launch


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Honestly vehicle combat games have always been fun, most people remeber Twisted Metal or Vigilante Eight, however i remeber fondly a game I played for years called Auto Assualt, a sort of MMO light, which when it entered the market there wasent anything quite like it.

So happy to hear their trying something new along this route.
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It could work considering it’s the Mad Max guys and the driving/combat was really good. Based on the trailer it was going to be like Payday but planning and escaping heists seems like a better idea.


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Given their history, it'll probably be a game with lots of scope, but will fall into that $40 AA class kind of game.

If this game studio ever focused their budgets into a smaller scale games, they'd probably be excellent games. But they cast their net too wide.
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