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Jim Ryan's 'Organic Growth' was a lie too.

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Jan 12, 2018
In October of 2020, Jim Ryan said this;

"It’s probably not widely appreciated or understood, to what extent that we have grown our own game development capability organically over the course of this generation,” he told GamesIndustry.biz.

He also took the opportunity to take (what seems now like) a weak jab at Xbox for buying studios.... mentioning their 'spending spree'.

But with recent news it seems that much of the supposed organic growth has amounted to nothing, with a potential new studio from VASG dissolved and Sony Bend in complete disarray after being mismanaged... having a sequel to their successful new IP Days Gone not green-lit, regressing them into a support studio for Naughty Dog and losing their writer and designer (and studio heads). A game from Bend is now at least 4 years away due to Hermen Hulsts decisions.

Then we have San Diego studio, making MLB The Show... a one time exclusive, PlayStation succumbed to the pressure of MLB to make the title multplatform, there is no studio to make an exclusive in place of San Diego and as an added slap in the face to PlayStation users, MLB The Show is a part of Gamepass on day 1.

Speaking of mismanagement, we have Naughty Dog. Whose ego has been allowed to run wild and really impact other studios negatively.
According to the recent news Naughty Dog is working on a TLOU remake for PS5.... meaning they have not been working on a new IP, that most people were anticipating for a long time. A TLOU remake is redundant, a money grab that is so obvious and shameless that it really makes me rage personally.

Mm hasn't made anything commercial in a decade.

Aaand of course we have Japan Studio, that has been raped by the new management team of Hermen and Jim.... filled with artistic and exploitative creators, they were not afforded the patience of Media Molecule..... perhaps the team was not diverse enough? All I know is that games like Gravity Rush are beloved among the hardcore and although niche, it doesn't mean those games were not important.

For all this managerial incompetence, there has not been a penny spent on new studios to make up for all of the missteps. There is no communication to say that they will try to do better. They simply bury their heads in the sand and wait for their fans to go away. There is no hunger to succeed, there is no passion for the games, there is no vision.

What did they invest in? a mobile game department and making naughty dog games into films and TV shows... (Hey, didn't they know The Road was already made into a film?)

Every move seems like a big 'fuck you' to every PlayStation fan and they are about to squander all the goodwill and hardwork of the past 10 years in record time.
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Jun 10, 2004
Aaand of course we have Japan Studio, that has been raped by the new management team of Hermen and Jim
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