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Jim Ryan: Sony will start bringing ‘some iconic PlayStation IP’ to mobile this financial year


Sep 30, 2004
I'm fine. As long as it doesn't take resources away from the PS5 product line (which there wouldn't be much reason to be, Sony has handled multiple platform support before and many of the same types of studios that made games and ports/spinoff games for PSP and Vita will do the mobile game, not your Naughty Dogs and Sucker Punches.)

While they're at it, though, I could really use an actual PlayStation Mobile device, with buttons and a controller, assuming these games are any good. PS Vita was basically a powerful mobile chipset for the time, and I want another one of those to play these games on, please. If I can't have a real third PS portable but if Sony is going to start making portable-oriented games again instead of just the big console titles, I would like a game system to play it on instead of my phone. Let it take calls if it (although I do not think the Xperia Play idea will work a second time, it didn't even work the first time) but I want buttons and a gamepad and sticks.

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Dec 6, 2018
Good for them,I hope they make lots of money from the millions of people that love pouring their money into these mobile games.....I'll just ignore them like every other mobile game ever made.
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