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Jason Schreier Claims Brand New Major Game Projects Started Today Will Likely Be Targeting PlayStation 6


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If that's the case then the generation needs to be longer because some of these fuckers haven't even made a current gen game.
Cross gen will be around longer in the future of game development unfortunately if projects are taking so long to create


He did not say "targeting", he say it would be for PS6 and he is right, the game would target PS5 and also come out on PS6. We are in pretty much constant "cross gen" territory now for first ~3 years of new consoles.


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These SEO farm clickbait websites are beyond saving. Jason says nothing newsworthy and there's nothing worth quoting here.
You can't make this shit up, we still have last gen nipping at our heels and we're talking about the PS6.



no lies detected, 4-5 years are becoming standard. reality of the situation.
said game would be ps5-ps6 cross gen though


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1. Current gen has years left, plus a cross-gen transition period. So no, Schreier is wrong.
2. If the planned product requires more than current gen technologically, then its extraordinarily restrictive in terms of addressable market.
3. Such a product would also be of questionable viability, as investment needs to be recouped eventually. Less volume requires more revenue per unit.

In short, its the myth of the "mega game". The thing so advanced and ambitious it cannot run on present hardware.

This sounds great on paper as a marketing blurb but ultimately only actually represents massive sunken cost for an uncertain ROI.


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My friend nephew's uncle's brother from his mother side told me they're making a new Saints Row. Code name "BLESSED: one of these days.." for PS8Pro. Can't wait.
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Devs haven't got the faintest idea of what the PS6 will be like so they sure as hell ain't targeting it
This was my first thought. Very strange statement, but the guy seems to just constantly spew out strange things into the Twitter void.
It took Guerilla and Santa Monica Studio 5 and 4.5 years to make two of these least ambitious sequels in existence. He's absolutely correct.

That being said, Shreier is still a douche so **** him.


I doubt that any of the games that are being made right now are already ‚targeting‘ next-gen consoles specifically, but in practice that‘s probably what‘s going to end up happening, since AAA dev times in this day and age are almost as long as console generations themselves. The only exception seem to be safe, iterative sequels like GoW Ragnarok – and even that took 4.5 years.

So yes, I fully expect some of the games that are being started right now to only be released after the launch of the PS6 in five or six years or so. I wouldn’t be surprised if TES 6 is one of them, for example (unfortunately).


Holds true if we're talking about juggernauts like GTA, Elders rolls etc. but for every juggernaut there should be a hundred ordinary AAA-games.

GTA6 will release on Ps5 and later ps6, while GTA 7 will release on ps7 and later on ps8..? Seems probable..


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AAA games greenlit in 2023 will either target the PS5 only or be crossgen and run on both PS5 and PS6.
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