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Japanese retailer express disappointment over low PS5 games sales due to lack of PS5 owners


Jun 2, 2020
I live in Japan and a lot of people I know here gave up for the moment to get a PS5 (me included) because it is nearly impossible to get one. Scalpers here are everywhere, they even sometimes stay in a store all day long to see if stock is coming or not. Many stores use lottery systems, but the chance of winning is tiny, because sclapers have ways to enter the same lottery multiple times. There are stores where you can buy one (if the have stock which is also rare) if you get a credit card from this store. But yeah, I am not so crazy to make an additional credit card just for that.

The sad thing is many of these PS5s which the scalpers buy don't stay in Japan, but are sold and shipped to China, since the profit is better there. So no wonder at this point that software sales are disappointing, but its not possible to say at this point what kind of role the PS5 will play here in the future. We have to wait and see until stock catches up to demand to make a prediction, but this still seems far in the future.

Yodobashi, right? I considered doing it but, frankly, given the lack of heavy hitter games (and how titles like GT7, God of War, and Horizon ended up being cross-gen anyway), I'm kinda glad I didn't bother.

Even crazier is the number of Mercari listings for the OLED switch, and within that, the number of people (obviously scalpers) trying to sell off more than unit in one listing (probably trying to offload stock before Mercari prices crash due to oversupply.

With PS5 it looks like there just aren't many going around anyway (or maybe being sold to China as you say).
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