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Japanese politicians want to set daily limit on how much time kids can spend playing video games


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While I am a supporter of limiting a child´s time playing videogames, it is not something the government needs to regulate as it is totally up to the parents imo
I agree with this. Although with the opiate epidemic and general bad parenting it doesnt always happen. I don't what the awnser is. I like to keep the government out of my life.

The sad thing is. were going to have to deal with a whole generation that is low on vitamin d weak and had no idea how to work.
Or alternatively you could also stop defending the use of sexualised minors in video games, thereby helping to facilitate its acceptance and reinforcing to those who find it acceptable, acceptable.

Or you can continue to argue for that kind of content being acceptable and appear to be a supporter of it.

Up to you.
Anyone who believes that in order to defend freedom of expression one has to necessarily have a favorable view of what is being expressed is an idiot, and I couldn't care less about what they think of me. Thankfully, lawmakers in both Japan and the US seem to be on my side in that regard.

Now, since you've been avoiding the question the entire time: what is it you actually want? You've advocated for a blanket ban in one post, then said people should be able to play these games if they so choose in another. You obviously can't have both. So what do you think should really be done?
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