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J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates are working on a new Superman movie


I have very little interest in J.J. Abram's directorial work. His directed movies over the last 10 years all have the same kind of "feel" to them. Overproduced and "safe".
His work as producer is more tolerable.
I am quite convinced that this particular movie will be safe and overproduced and boring.

What does "safe" even mean? What movies have been "unsafe"?


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People amaze me with such comments.
I could never understand the thought process that drives one to post like that ^^^
One can only rationally conclude something is crap until you've seen it but yeah...
Whats so hard to understand? Trailers are just hype and emotion sustained over 60 seconds. Give me 200 million and i can do that for anything.

But sustain it for a 2 hour film, connect your "holy shit thats awesome!" trailer beats with a coherent narrative, and land your numerous "mystery box" plot threads in a satisfying way?.....that ain't J.J.!



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Everything is an alternate universe fan-fiction these days. Like Bridgerton with blacks in 1800 UK upper class. And they do seem popular too, so this would be too. It will have a black superman and will get rave reviews and may become big box office hit like Black Panther.

In all probability it would actually be a supremely average movie, again like Black Panther.
But Clark Kent is white. Has been for over 80 years.

But yeah, alternate fan-fiction.....like Hamilton. That was terrible. I could even watch the second half.
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