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It's been one month, how do you use your Switch?

Mar 16, 2014
For the first couple of days after I got it, I played sort of like a 50/50 mix between handheld and docked.

Since then, I picked up a second dock for my computer monitor, and an HDMI splitter so I can shoot that image over to my bedroom TV, too.

And so nowadays I'm pretty much 95% docked.

With that said I expect that to change once I'm playing more than just Zelda


Jul 23, 2010
Sometimes I dream about playing video games on my Switch.

Which is nice, seeing as how I still can't find one.


Aug 23, 2007
Docked 80 percent of the time. Once tax season is over I can bring it to work more often.

Cipher Peon

Aug 19, 2013
1. I play in all modes! Which to me is shocking because I thought I would never touch Tabletop Mode, but the amount of comfort that it allows is unreal. Just completely shocking.

In order of playtime, I'd say they're all really close but
Docked > Handheld > Tabletop

2. I use my Pro Controller almost exclusively. I haven't really trying the Joycon Grip, but I want to! The Pro Controller just never dies :eek:

Pro Controller > Dual Joycons > Single Joycon > Joycon Grip

3. I played Switch local multiplayer a LOT. The thing is amazing to play with other people and so easy to play both on tv and on tabletop.

Whenever I play with other people, the control options depend on the game and whether or not I'm actually going to meet people to play the Switch. If it's just "hey you want a quick round of Isaac/Puyo Puyo Tetris?" I use two Joycons because I don't carry around my Pro Controller with me at all times.

But if I'm heading somewhere with the intent of playing with others, I bring my Pro Controller and my Joycon Grip. If I'm playing with one other person, they get to use the Joycon Grip and if I'm playing with two other people, they split single Joycons.

I don't have a solution for four players quite yet, but that hasn't been an issue because I'm surrounded by people who own Switches.

4. I absolutely have played the Switch in handheld and tabletop mode outside of my home! Hell, I've played the Switch in handheld and tabletop mode IN my home too c:


Apr 5, 2016
I don't think I'm going to run more numbers because that would take up a lot of time.

I pretty much got what I wanted from finding what other people did with their Switch.

You can discuss the numbers, what it could mean about people that play with the Switch, etc. Although as I said it may not reflect the general population accurately.


Mar 11, 2012
Zelda. Docked-100%

Blaster Master Zero/World Heroes Perfect. Portable-95% / Docked-5%


Apr 5, 2016
After having updated the OP.

It was interesting reading on here that the majority of people used all game modes for the Switch followed by TV/Handheld while, those that played a game mode exclusively ranged from uncommon to rare.

But then, when you looked at who played what game mode the most, it was almost balanced between Handheld and TV.

It becomes the complete opposite where rarely anyone uses all control methods while the majority use an accessory: Pro Controller.

While the majority use the Pro Controller, it was interesting that there were definitely a lot of people that use the Joy-Cons separately which showed that the Grip isn't that popular in comparison.

It was good to know that people have been playing local multiplayer games with the system, surprisingly the majority do.

It was rather balanced between doing local multiplayer in Tabletop mode or TV mode.

Considering that an overwhelming majority used single Joy-Cons to do multiplayer probably shows that convenience is better than the cost of having to pay extra for another Pro Controller for multiplayer.

Then finally, there were a majority of people that did use the system outside since one of the statements that would come up usually is that "the Switch is too big to fit into my pocket, so it is not portable."

Although again, this is not really reflective of a general population and, this is with early adopters of the system. Maybe by the beginning of next year it would be easier to see what most owners are doing with their system since there would be more out there and with a larger selection of games available.


Mar 22, 2013
1. a) Which modes do you play? TV mode? Tabletop mode? Handheld mode?

I've played all three modes

b) Can you rank in descending order your most played mode to the least?

Docked 75%, tabletop 24%, handheld 1%

2. a) Which control methods do you use when not using Handheld mode? Joy-Cons (separately)? Joy-Con Grip? Pro Controller? If you play Handheld mode exclusively, skip all of question 2.
Joy-con Grip

b) Can you rank in descending order your most played control method to the least?

Pretty much Grip, then split, but that's multi player

3. a) Have you played Switch in local multiplayer? If no, skip b) and c).


b) Which mode?

Docked, table top.

c) Which control method do you and the other person(s) use?

joycons (split)

4. a) Have you played the Switch in handheld mode outside your home?


b) Have you played the Switch in tabletop mode outside your home?

yes, pretty much at work everyday (i have the play stand so i can charge it as well)


Neo Member
Feb 10, 2016
I sold it after being done with Zelda.

It would have been sitting doing nothing until next fall seeing how it has no games, much worse than the wii u apparently.

I was very disappointed in it and in Nintendo as this was my first Nintendo console since the NDS/3ds. I'm done with their bs.