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It looks like Creative Assembly could be working on a Sega-themed FPS


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The Total War and Alien Isolation studio has been working on the shooter for several years, but it’s yet to be shown publicly. According to job listings, the game will be “something radically different in the FPS space.”

The new image appears to suggest that one of the unique elements of the shooter will be its many references to other Sega titles.

Sonic can be seen floating in space, while a set of shelves next to the player house a Sega logo, a bunch of bananas (which may be a reference to Super Monkey Ball) and some paint-sprayed cassette tapes (which may refer to Jet Set Radio). There’s also a Virtua Racing screenshot on the wall.

Other potential references are less immediately clear, including some toilet rolls and a giant inflatable unicorn. The former may refer to Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which includes the need to collect toilet tissues, while the latter may refer to ToeJam & Earl, which included a rubber ring power-up.

Although the image notes that it’s “not representative of gameplay,” it’s likely representative of the overall tone and setting for the project.



NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Gniady, who was a producer for the original Destiny’s competitive PVP multiplayer modes, and a gameplay designer for the sequel’s sandbox, announced his move to the UK studio on social media this week.

It’s not clear who else is working on the shooter at CA, but Gniady’s pedigree in the competitive shooter space will surely benefit the development team.



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The way its worded it seems if they are developing a multiplayer FPS based on the Alien franchise? Or is this just getting my hopes up too much? Reading too much into it?
Man, I really don't know. I can see this going in several different directions. But BOY do I want it to mean an Alien themed multiplayer title...
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