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Is the PS5 the best place to play third-party multiplats on console this generation? It's time Gaf! -- Poll Inside!

Is the PS5 the best place to play third-party multiplats on consoles this generation?

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Xbox fans seems to be worst atm. I am a Sony fan myself so I am a bit biased.. if you are so insecure to fake a tweet then I don’t know.
MAkes you think which console warrior send shit to his house
Not all Xbox fans are bad and even I owned an Xbox before but yeah going to lengths like this to alter tweets to spread FUD is some next level shit.


No, neither console has any advantage over the other as of now. We are talking ahandful of frames which make no difference in the actual gameplay. I guess if you love the adaptive triggers that might away you but personally I turned them off, I find them very annoying


Of course PS5 is the best place to play multiplatform games (or exclusives by the way) since they run better on it.

And even if they ran the same, the Dualsense already makes PS5 the obvious choice. It's funny now when I remote play my PS5 through my old PS4 Pro, it feels like something is broken or missing in my controller.

There's no going back from those haptics and triggers.
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I'm future proofing myself as I've seen too many necro threads and don't want to look like an idiot in the future.

Have to say PC due to their ability to be upgraded constantly and will eventually outperform all the consoles listed.
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