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Is the PS5 the best place to play third-party multiplats on console this generation? It's time Gaf! -- Poll Inside!

Is the PS5 the best place to play third-party multiplats on consoles this generation?

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FFVIIR, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us II, more Spiderman, Demon's Souls Remake. And now third party games are not performing as badly on PS5 as popular belief dictated for months.

What a terrible, terrible year.
You know what I meant lol


Imagine when these guys start using the geometry engine and cache scrubbers, the superior I/O DMAC, imagine when they start leveraging the higher clocks, which is already proving to be the better decision, smaller and faster vs wider and slower......Variable clocks to keep the console cool and not overworked when it does not need to....Then devs can een leverage smartshift technology more directly, how about when devs begin to use that Audio CU for other things, like physics, some extra cycles, how about that 512MB of DDR4 that people are now talking about.....This is only the beginning of what PS5 can do, these tools are not even mature yet, devs are not even close to leveraging it's potential yet....

Then there's sound and the controller with haptics and soon VR2.0.....It won't be pretty....


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With each console generation the gaming community comes to an unofficial consensus as to which next-gen console platform is the best home to play third party multiplats (X360, PS4 etc..). This process comes about as performance data from multiplat face-offs come in showing consistent performance advantages (whether big or small) favoring one console over the other. Other variables also play a role in reaching this unofficial consensus even if not as predominant as overall performance is. While performance is important; experience differentiators like controllers, experience immediacy (loading), game availability etc.. also play a role. It's because of that and a few other reasons that I believe the PS5 is clearly the best home to play third party multiplats right now. The PS5 after a series of face-offs has shown to be the most consistently powerfully performant console, with an experience differentiator in the DualSense controller, and generally faster immediacy of the gaming experience. There are other factors but the line gets blurry when discussed.

In light of recent events I think there is a lot of cognitive dissonance regarding this topic for a variety of reasons. Marketing material leading up to launch created certain warped expectations with regards to performance in third-party multiplats. Spec-sheet reading and commentary from pseudo experts of the tech "press", mainstream gaming press and simpleton influencers didn't help in making gamers better informed. In other words; wrong expectations can't be blamed on the average gamer that feels mislead or refuses to believe in real-time data when the results don't align with the built up expectations/conditioning. These gamers consume information as it's presented/framed to them and form their opinions based on such. Reality however has a fun way of throwing a wrench at wrong assumptions and I believe we're witnessing that now as performance results in face-offs come in.

My opinion is obviously just a conclusion based on early data, and other variables at play so not everyone is bound to agree. Which is why I leave the floor to fellow gaffers to chip in with their own opinion - and the poll. Votes can be changed at any time, now or in the future - no pressure. If you're a gamer that's not up to speed and wish to get better informed I'll leave you with further reading so you can make an informed vote:


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From the horse's mouth? Microsoft acknowledgement:

Verge: Why is the PS5 outperforming "the world's most powerful console"

Eurogamer: Microsoft acknowledges Xbox Series X and S performance issues

IGN: Microsoft Working on Why PS5 Outperforms Xbox Series X on Certain Games

Dualsense Controller: Official Thread

Tech Radar Comparison
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Right now is certaintly appears to be, however its far too early to see if that lasts.

The issue is while the Xbox series X has on paper more power it has a more complicated hardware configuration that will throw some curve balls at developers who would normally be developing for 2 maybe 3 systems.

So for the Sony version you have the PS5 and if its not exclusive to next gen PS4/Pro

For Microsoft you have The Xbox one X, The Xbox Series S and X, If its not exclusive to next gen you also have the Xbox One/S.

Add to that the split ram, it means while next gen games only have to get one version perfect for a single console for playstation, while for Microsoft thanks to Microsoft promise to include the One X in next gen means you have 3 consoles, alongside the use of split memory speeds, this results is developers requiring more time to perfect the Xbox preformance. My bet is this simply wonthappen, at least not early on and if that is the case the PS5 will maintain its dominance.

It all relies on multiplatform developers to put more time into getting a version working better for a noticeably smaller install base, if they do Xbox thanks to its stronger hardware will get ahead, however this is a big if.
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At the moment ps5 seems more consistent, but not exactly leaps and bounds a head, maybe xbx after a patch, im will be fine on some games
They're Basically identical
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I'm just waiting to see how things turn out.

If this in fact continues, you know how funny this is going to be? For months, Xbox fans have been saying Sony was caught off guard, when in reality, it would actually be Microsoft?

How would Microsoft continue to advertise Xbox as "the worlds most powerful console" ?
I'm just waiting to see how things turn out.

If this in fact continues, you know how funny this is going to be? For months, Xbox fans have been saying Sony was caught off guard, when in reality, it would actually be Microsoft?

How would Microsoft continue to advertise Xbox as "the worlds most powerful console" ?
They don't. They changed it 3 weeks ago to most powerful "xbox" on their site and everywhere when it was most powerful console before it.
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PC + PS5 for me. Same as last gen. Sony for exclusives.
I should also mention that if there were no VR on PC, maybe I would not bother.
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Voted for pc - my 3080 already outperforms both machines and next generation of gpus will leave them in dust :D

As for consoles I'd say it's virtually draw so PS5 wins due to their studios and controller (I got it for pc and even without extra features it's amazing)
For a single component that alone costs 200 quid more than the most expensive versions of these systems I'd bloody well hope it performed better.

I will never understand why people even bother bringing up high end PC's in these comparisons.

Yes, if you pay exorbitantly more for a games machine it will perform better, obviously, but by that logic your PC is shit because you don't have a 3090, and the 3080 ti, 3000 series Titan and eventual 3070 and 3080 Super will leave your 3080 in the dust.

The fact is the performance you get for the amount you pay is unquestionably vastly better value with consoles. You pay a lot more money for relatively little gain with PC, and that is just as big of a factor in working out what is the best platform to play on.

Now, if you can find me a compact, prebuilt PC including a controller and full OS for £450 that runs all multiplats better, then I will grant you that PC is undeniably better, but you can't.

Even MS engineers flat out state relative console performance is vastly superior to games running on a PC with the same specs, so for the price, the XSX and PS5 will be better to play games on. A PC that costs four times as much might be better, but it's not delivering 4 times the value.


It's an early picture now, but looking back at previous gens, it has always been indicative for what's to come for the rest of the generation at least for multiplatform titles.

the "tools" argument is just something that I don't like, it's a fanmade excuse of people who are holding on to fantasies of marketing promises.
I'm happy to be proven wrong.

Series X is a great console in a great ecosystem. Nobody should make their purchase decision because another system can push a few more pixels. PS5 and XSX provide the same gaming experience, so I disagree with the OP.

Series S though... I don't know, I think a price drop to 199$ in a few months could really help the brand to have an entry level game pass machine.


I surely wish that since I have no plans whatsoever to buy a second console next to PS5 other than the Switch. But it's way to early to call it.


Too early to tell for me as some one tjst has both (well, will today when Mu XSX gets delivered). MP games (mostly just co-op stuff will likely be PS5 as my buddies I game with are on PlayStation.

I’ll just look at reviews and comparison and decide where to get each game. If it’s on gamepass I’ll of course play it there either way rather than paying for it. Otherwise, I don’t have any loyalty to any of these corporations (also have a Switch and Switch Lite), no strong controller preference, no investment in trophy or achievement scores etc. Thus I’ll just buy which ever version runs best and if little difference just grab it on whichever platform settles in as my “main” platform this generation.


PS5 is 20tflops half floating?

Who you think you're playing with buddy you better talk to Microsoft lol





Indeed. One thing to ponder is if half of the people saying "wait" would actually opine the same if it was the XSX outperforming the PS5 consistently.

No, it's just retarded to assume you can make an accurate assessment of what the platform capabilities are going to be at this point. I'm old enough to remember how the early PS2 games mostly looked like shit compared to the Dreamcast - but a few years later there was stuff on the PS2 you could never had done on DC.

I also think that on a hardware level the performance delta between the PS5 and the XSX is sufficiently small that it will in practice be swamped by the differences in the skill and effort of the developers working on the systems. The same thing happened with the XboneX and the PS5 - on paper the oneX was clearly the more powerful machine, but in practice the difference was pretty much invisible unless you resorted to pixel-counting autism.


It is quite refreshing seeing people who months before launch declared one console as the best place to play 3rd party games because of on paper TF now claim its too early to tell.

PS5 for first party games and Xbox Series X for 3rd party games? | NeoGAF

I noticed the same thing

Wait! people who was claiming victory months before the launch of the new consoles are now saying it's too early to judge the consoles now that PS5 is doing better with most games?


What a shit thread. Like going into McDonald's and asking whether people like Big Mac or Whopper.... Jesus.


It is not a matter of taste because one machine runs games better than another.

Have you seen the patches. The difference is marginal right now. It might be that way forever. Can you live with that? McDonald's makes better burgers than Burger king. But people still go to both. Which is what I intend to do.


It has always been PC as it gives options and what not. But I voted for the last option. IMO it is just a dick measuring contest and everyone secretly knows it really does not matter.


Have you seen the patches. The difference is marginal right now. It might be that way forever. Can you live with that? McDonald's makes better burgers than Burger king. But people still go to both. Which is what I intend to do.
I only saw the AC patch and it makes the difference way bigger.


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I lean to "it's too early", because MS create hard situation for themselves. I would not be surprised, if PS5 would fare better due to more efficient, easier build architecture with low access to HW:


Facts. 5 people I know in UK all have a buzzing noise coming from their PS5s and all looking for replacements before they return theirs. Maybe USA got better units. It a shit show in the UK.
That is for what warranty exists.

Both consoles have people claiming hardware issues on internet.
Just replace it via warranty.
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Well, the early results show that having a faster GPU and better I/O and memory management was a better idea than to have almost 2 extra teraflops. Horsepower now seems pretty similar and often with a small lead on the PS5 side that most players won't notice.

But what all players will notice will be the shorter loading times in PS5, which will be way shorter once they start using Oodle Texture. They will also notice the DualSense features, which seem to be the coolest surprise of this generation.

Listening to what Cerny said about the Geometry Engine and looking at the UE5 demo, I think that in 2 or 3 of years (once devs stop doing crossgen games and start to master the next gen machines) the performance difference will be higher between both consoles. I think we'll have more detail and resolution on PS5 at the same framerate.

Would you say there isn't a problem then?
All electronic devices have a tiny % of units with issues, specially at launch. Some of them -software related- will be fixed with patches, other ones can be replaced via the warranty.

PS5 had the biggest selling launch ever seen in gaming history, so even if this tiny % is the same than in other consoles, more people will be experiencing them. And we're now in the social media age, so everyone post their issues online, which are also magnified by fanboys desesperately spreading FUD.

So there is no problem.
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You can't. They only offering refunds... They are not guaranteeing new systems to people.
It is warranty... they need to.
They can give options but if you want another unit they need to give one to you no matter how much time it takes... of course that if it is faulty systems.
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