Is Microsoft exploring a cheaper ad-supported Xbox Game Pass 'Lite'?


Agreed. I’d be more than happy for it to only have Microsoft first party titles/curated third parties and for their to be a 6 month delay on new releases as mentioned in their survey above.

Right now though Gold is outdated and regular Xbox Game Pass is a pointless tier. Defo needs a re-jig.

Is a person without an Xbox likely to subscribe to Ultimate? In my opinion, no. So how will they expand their reach?

I can't see them going with a first-party only option at any point or even a cut down third-party selection.

First party only would just be too dry, even if they cranked up production to a game per quarter. And breaking the third-party content into tiers would just complicate marketing and that kind of thing (unless it is something like EA Play where they are bundling a separately available service). Would also create a situation where the draw from the big first-party drops couldn't spread to the rest of the catalog as effectively (because maybe a bunch of users don't have access to the rest of the catalog). Which could reduce the benefits of including games on the service, especially for the smaller devs/games.

If/when the ABK deal closes, maybe they create an ABK specific subscription package (something like EA play) and then bundle that with GPU, if they don't just stick the games in the normal tier.
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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
If real, the purported tier would cost $3 dollars per month

$3 for game pass (even without day 1 releases) is a hell of a price.

But then again GP is priced so competitively right now anyway.

Also, 99% of these surveys don't account for much anyway.


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I think more options is a great idea.

A free version supported by ads could work. While your playing, the game will pause every 10-15 mins and make you watch a 2 min add.

Then at the other end, an extreme level of Gamepass (Ganepass Top G) where you have access to all third party games on day one, plus they'll never leave the service if you're paying for this level, so you'll essentially never have to purchase a game again.

Current Ganepass can be the mid level tier.


They are increasing the price.
How the hell are they are going to make a cheaper tier with ads?

Like Netflix has been increasing prices but added a cheaper ad supported tier?

Why is one thing a roadblock to the other? They make the money up on ads
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