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News Hype Insurgency Sandstorm - free to play for a week & 50% off sale


Nov 9, 2006

This month we’ll be discussing several key development decisions related to our game, some of which many users have likely been waiting to hear about for quite some time. Our efforts at optimization are well underway, and I’m excited to have some guest commentary from our Level Design Director pertaining to these efforts.

Firstly, we’ll be hosting a FREE WEEK for Insurgency: Sandstorm from December 10th - December 17th. This will fall on the heels of our most recent update, Update 1.5. We wanted to be able to showcase how far our game has come since we released nearly a year ago and given our success related to free weekends, we thought we might try a longer duration for the event. Secondly, over the past month, we enrolled the assistance of Altagram to further our localization efforts. Insurgency is now localized into 15 additional languages, which further improves our reach to players from various regions around the world. This is the perfect time to give our game a try or to recommend it to friends!

Tried it out for an hour tonight and it's good fun. It's like a more tactical and realistic version of Counter Strike but not as serious as something like Arma (which is a good thing because it's far more accessible and pick up and play friendly).

I'd recommend running through the training and then jumping into the new domination game mode while you get used to it if you're new to these types of games. The matches are shorter in domination and the respawn rate is higher than in the other modes that are a lot more serious.

If anybody wants to team up at some point to do some PVE co-op missions then PM me.
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Feb 9, 2018
Installing now. If this has deafening footsteps, garbage maps, thick SBMM, doors everywhere, no mini map, developers who ignore everything the community ask for, then wonder why everyone has quit the game, then I'm going to be so disappointed it's happened to me twice.
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Crushed by Thanos
Dec 7, 2008
it's free again for 2 more days, still an absolutely stunning game

good to play while mount and blade 2 installs

hijacking dis thread, get rekt

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