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IGN revises its all-time list and has named Zelda: Breath of the Wild the Greatest Game of All Time


As good as the game was, it was a change in formula and a fresh coat of paint. Yes it was done extremely well. But in terms of blowing your mind, open world and changing the landscape, I think Grand Theft Auto 3 was the more impactful game, maybe one of the most of all time for many reasons. I'd rank that higher.


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Don't have much issues with BOTW at #1(although I will reserve judgement on its placement against other Zelda titles to series fans like Cutty Flam Cutty Flam ). Going back to the rest of the list.

  • Who puts Red Dead Redemption 2 in top 10? And how did that original Red Dead Redemption got into this list?
  • Divinity made it to this list but none of the Ultima games?
  • Apex Legends? Fortnite? I am surprised these games made it to the list but not Phantasy Star Online.
  • Doom but not Quake?
  • Persona 5 over Nocturne/SMT IV/P2:IS/P3/Devil Summoner/Soul Hackers?
  • Let me guess, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 made it to this list because of its Metacritic rating? Skate is easily better.
  • Why is Monster Hunter World here?
  • How is Disco Elysium higher than Halo 2?
  • Dishonored 2 but not Prey(2017).
  • Ctrl+F - No Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi or Bayonetta.
  • Two Soulsborne games but no Sekiro
I present the real top 100 games

And I nominate the best bullet hell game ever made, although this game would be too much for IGN editors.

If anyone wanted to nominate Cuphead, consider that this game exists.


Grand Theft Auto V, but no Skyrim. Good job IGN. You really cant spell ignorant without IGN.

and they didnt put ocarina of time on the list? These guys are garbage.
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Lol Skyrim? Skyrim doesn't belong on any "best of" lists.
You mean the game that made huge impact in the open world games?

You simply dont get those scores easily.
Btw, think BotW will run on playable framerate on Switch 2?

I wouldn't expect that much of a graphical increase in the sequel. I expect it to be similar with the additional benefits of years of experience with the Switch and optimizations to that engine.

Nintendo reading this exchange knowing their next console won't be backwards compatible

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Man I wish BOTW would click with me like it does with everyone else, I can't seem to get into it.


Imagine being a developer that works hard to bring this medium to new heigths, inventing and refining new gameplay concepts, creating complex and deep narrative structures with thought provoking storytelling and then a bunch of clowns at IGN create a GOAT list and think that a game in which you jump from one platform to the next is nearly the peak of gamedesign because thats what they played when they were 7.

Inspector Q

Not a single Suikoden game on that list, yet a game like Control makes it? Actually, games like Control and Rise of the Tomb Raider 30 spots ahead of Final Fantasy VII?

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Wind Waker > BOTW

Nintendo reading this exchange knowing their next console won't be backwards compatible

Donald Trump GIF by NowThis

Fun Fact: This is actually an image of Trump, the former president of the United States of America, and not Nintendo.
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can't argue with that. deserves #1

but i can't take them seriously when Persona 5 Royal doesn't even make the list yet games like TLOU and God of War do. P5R is higher rated on Metacritic than both those. TLOU is a fantastic game but God of War? GTFO lmfao.


It was a great game but the mini dungeon things were garbage compared to what I wanted which are fully fleshed out dungeons.

Hoping elden ring will take top spot.


Only thing great/surprising about this list is Disco Elysium getting it's due. No Majora's Mask, Ico, Okami...Ico might well be the biggest snub even if MM is my favorite game ever, and it's sad to see SOTC overshadow it's superior and purer in design predecessor in such lists.


BOTW isn't even close to being the best ZELDA game, let alone the best game of all time. But opinions are like buttholes, everyone's got one.
They can't say they are trying to remove the games that rely on influence and historical impact and then place A Link To The Past on number 4. That game is completely outdated, no matter how awesome it was back then. It's fucking ancient.

It’s not even the best 2D Zelda.


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I can't believe people still give a shit what IGN thinks. I haven't visited that POS website in years.
They get shit from everyone in here but when their favourite game is first on some list, ign magically switch to good journalism.

Btw shit list even without considering botw in the first place.
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Let's be real. If it didn't have the Zelda name attached to it, it wouldn't even be in the top 100.

I'm not hating on the game, it did some things really well, others not so well. It gets way too much credit for nostalgia and A LOT of the cons simply get ignored because it's Zelda.
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Undertale? Literally every game I've played in the last year is better than that. Demons Souls Remake should absolutely be on that list, it's a masterpiece.

No OoT?

No SFIV? I played that game everyday for 8 years, it's a seminal game. This list stinks.


If the idea of the list is to avoid games that play badly now and have been surpassed then I'd argue Super Mario 64 shouldn't be there and I love Super Mario 64 and not Goldeneye which has been suprassed by most other FPS games since even arguably Perfect Dark released on the same system.

As well as:
Shadow of the Colosussus ( Even throw the remake in there for gods sake)
Pokemon Yellow ( Replaced by Gold or Heart Gold Soul Silver)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
GoldenEye 007
Final Fantasy VII
Metal Gear Solid

See the list falls apart with this in place.


Snake eater is a finished game for one...
But Snake Eater plays like you are stuck inside of a box. MGS 1, 2, and 3, and to some extent 4, has really cranky movement. It's hard to go back to unless you got nostalgia for that series.


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Seven games in the top 30 by Nintendo. That is why we do not console war. It is pointless when Nintendo has won.

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I’m being silly don’t ban me.

Serious talk. Doom should be higher and that’s the original Doom.
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Omega Riddler

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At the end of the day, it's their collective opinion. I'm not going to bother debating it. They just want people to go to their website and argue with them for clicks.


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I've read the top 100 list.

No Quake;
No Bubble Bobble;
No Turrican;
No Grand Prix 3;
No Deus Ex;
Almost no arcade racing game, except for Burnout 3. But the most divisive racing driving arena game, Mario Kart is always there despite half of the game community literally hate it;
At least, there is Thief.

The usual "I played 2 games in the last 5 years and I have no idea of what happen before 2000" list.
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Seven games in the top 30 by Nintendo. That is why we do not console war. It is pointless when Nintendo has won.

video games news GIF by NowThis

I’m being silly don’t ban me.

Serious talk. Doom should be higher and that’s the original Doom.
None of these 2 companies can match Nintendo honestly.

Nintendo has 1 of the most important game of all time, Ocarina of time.

No game can top that. Plus they have more rated games than those 2 companies combined.

People grow up with Nintendo.


The list contradicts this statement.
Since it includes SM64, I agree. That game suffers from being the first to have an automated camera in a 3D platformer, it is not very good. The gameplay is still good, but the outdated graphics and overall interface drag it down compared to recent games. Mario from Galaxy on is perfect. They really should remake SM64 so it plays like Odyssey.


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Lots of cranky people here… And as usual nobody dare to post their own #1.

My top 10 is constantly evolving but the #1 has stayed the same for 25 years and I see no reason to change it.

#1 Super Metroid

Metroid Dread nearly surpassed it for awhile but I’ve cooled down on it after doing a 100% playthrough, almost everything is awesome and the bosses are absolute top notch, but there is just too much exploration hand-holding. It’s still my 2021 GOTY and I would have it on my all-time top 10, not sure exactly where though.
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