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IGN: "Inside the Growing Discontent Behind Nintendo Fun's Facade"


Meanwhile this idiot “at” Nintendo is complaining about not getting a free red Nintendo badge. Jesus. It probably is a retarded contractor who thinks they actually work at Nintendo.

It's the equivalent of someone that works in a Gamestop store thinking they are part of the games industry, not the retail industry.


Won't be surprised the usual suspects are trying to stir up shit over at Nintendo in order to extort commitment to SJW grift in the form of DEI political commissars and money for diversity "consultants". I hope Nintendo is clever enough to not hire those people.
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Articles like this are bait for idiot gamer boys reading this stuff who have never had a real job in their lives. I've worked a lot of places (including in "fun" industries, albeit not gaming) and they've all been screwed up in their own way. I guess it's just Nintendo's turn for a "gotcha" moment. Enough with the Upton Sinclair stuff from "journalists" who aren't even journalists.


What happened to the days of video game sites writing stuff about the actual games? Who gives a fuck about the behind the scenes bullshit? So long as no one is being violent towards anyone else, I just want great games being made!


Well the whole contractors being treated like second class citizens is pretty standard practice for the industry. Most QA/support roles are filled by contractors working for a temp agency and are not recognized as actual employees and are pretty much treated like expendable dirt and looked down upon by the full time employees.
no, it is not. And if it is, its perfect to call out the employer.
Didn't read the story, but there is a manic Willy Wonka quality to Nintendo. Some dark regimentation behind all the joy.

But I don't buy their games because their hardware is older than Bernie Sanders.
I remember a time when if you didn't like your job you went and got a new one or did what was needed to get a better one. Now people just cry on twitter about working overtime while all the dipshits in the world take everyone's twitter ravings as solid gold testimony. Half of this shit is politically motivated garbage and the other half is people working the corners for pity.
Wait, you mean to tell me work isn't all fun and games? lol every job I've ever had made me work overtime when I didn't want to and it was for far less than these people get paid. It sucks for everyone but that profession seems to be made up of a bunch of professional cry babies at this point, at least people under 35 anyway.
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