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[IGN] Dying Light 2 is a broken mess, is compared to CP 2077 PC

All this just reminds me why I was and am completely baffled by the insane pre-release hype for Dying Light 2. I mean I played the original at launch and it was....fine, I guess? A decent tech demo for the still new at the time PS4 and Xbox One consoles and a glimpse at the type of open world games that would come to dominate those systems, but really nothing more than that and yet people act like the sequel was going to be the next GTA.
Dying light 1 was a great game if not a bit repetitive when it came to killing zombies. The open world was great though, the atmosphere was incredible, graphics were great qt the time. Even the story was good in a B-movie kind of way. There's plenty of reasons for peeps to be excited for DL2.


Probably won't play this not even when it's cheap, enjoyed DL1+The Following, but not as much as Dead Island, DL had that Blockbuster vibe going on with WB backing Techland, bigger better more, Dead Island was just a gruesome shocker, compared to the more funny stuff like Dead Rising.


Welp, I can't play yet... Guess I'll see for myself soon. I hate the fact that games nowadays are basically buggy on release and need a day-1 patch.
A car manufacturer would recall vehicles and fix it, games should do the same, just unrelease and recall everything. That way they'll learn they can only release games once they're actually complete.
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