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If You Could Only Play 1 Franchise…

…For the rest of your life, what franchise would it be and why? *NOTE: Future games of given franchise ARE included*

For me it’s a no brainer and the reason I have a huge backlog of games. The Legend of Zelda series.

I know its not a unique choice but man, all those games are stellar and you feel like you went on a true adventure at the conclusion of every game. And the music, mannnnn. The characters, the puzzles that make you feel so accomplished, just beautiful. A classic tale of good and evil with swords and magic. Just great lore.

I keep replaying Ocarina of Time, just feels like home. Recently I just replayed Skyward Sword on the switch after having only played it on the wii years ago and boy, it has the best puzzles and boss fights of all the Zeldas. Unlike most people, I LOVE the motion controls and the puzzles that derive from it. But most importantly, the smart boss fights.

Wind Waker, sailing the high seas and the epic Ganondorf confrontation at the end with the waterfalls all around.

Speaking of epic boss fights, Twilight Princess had some really grand ones, the lava one with the chains on his ankle, Ganandorf on horseback.

Classic Link To The Past. Love that artstyle & getting my 2D fix from that game & holding an SNES controller feels good after playing with all the new 12+ button controllers.

I could go on and on but man, I could (and honestly mostly do) just play this franchise over and over again. How about you guys?
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That is a tough one. I guess if you are only counting existing games and not hypothetical future games....
I would go Final Fantasy, because you can play XI and XIV for nearly forever, and I could always have fun imposing limitations on myself or speed running IV and VI and IX and the other good single player games.

Warcraft is a good choice as well, can play Wow for nearly forever, WC 2 and 3 are great.

Someone mentioned Killzone 2, which would probably be my choice for a multiplayer shooter. But yeah I need a definite solo/non-competitive option, and I could only play those campaigns so many times.
Team Fortress 2, Trackmania or GT, something like that. But I probably would give up gaming if I would have to play one thing with no end. Not much of a MP guy anyway and playing all sorts of genres is essential to me, so nothing can properly entertain me forever.


Final Fantasy. According to Google there are 95 including all the spin offs.
That was my first choice but then I was thinking why not mega man. It has all of the basic mega man games, plus legends, and plus the battle network games. Final Fantasy still tops it since they have the 2 mmo games.

I really wish we would get a 3d mega man that looked like ratchet and clank.
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Warcraft if I get to play WoW forever. Enough resetting private servers of almost every expansion - and custom stuff - exist that I could probably be happy enough doing that.


It's between Final Fantasy and Yakuza for me.

In the end Yakuza wins. The fact that it has several minigames within it is a big plus also. Like yeah it's yakuza but I can play Outrun, Virtua Fighter, etc. That's rad.


Mario games.

I would also say Mario, I feel like that's almost cheating lol...

because the Mario franchise includes 2D platformers, 3D platformers, racing games, football games, tennis games, golf games, multiple RPGs, party games and more
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I would also say Mario, I feel like that's almost cheating lol...

because the Mario franchise includes 2D platformers, 3D platformers, racing games, football games, tennis games, golf games, multiple RPGs, party games and more
let's say mario platformers


Honestly? Call of Duty.

If I couldn’t play anything else, I think it’d take me longer to get bored playing this than anything else.


Zelda is my favorite series of all time, but in terms of being stuck to just one franchise it would get repetitive quicker than some RPG franchises. Final Fantasy is a strong contender given each new numbered entry is in a different setting to the last, with changes in combat systems, and with two MMOs that's a ton of content. I can sink thousands of hours into Civilization games, but the lack of a proper story would eventually make only playing them dull.

The Elder Scrolls would probably be my choice in the end, they're just insanely repayable games, especially with mods.


Gotta go with Elder Scrolls for sheer endless possibilities, modding and other options, even though I'd vastly prefer stuff like Zelda, Mario, and Souls.

That being said, Mario would be a great choice as well if you're counting all Mario games, from 2D and 3D platformers to Kart, Party, the RPGs, all the sports thingies, and everything in between.
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