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Opinion Community Cringe If I were Mister Furokawa

Dec 17, 2020
I would release an installment of Nintendogs for ios and android (probably outperforming every other mobile game)

I would create a Super Mario pizza chain across North America (probably outperforming little cesars)

I would release Donkey Country live action tv series (think Dinosaurs)
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Make a 200 dollar premium oled gameboy(4 inches tops) with a digital store featuring every gameboy, gbc, gba, nintendo game for sale

Port to switch every arcade Mario Kart released thus far

Create an online store selling Nintendo "swag" that rivals the valve store

Release legacy games(up to n64) on steam... nothing to crazy

Have a lot more theatrical releases

Remake a Link to the Past for Switch 2 isometric style
Jan 14, 2018
The problem with Mario arcade is that there is Namco and pacman character, will be a problem of rights


Dec 6, 2013
Mario Kart 9.

But it's F2P
But you can't just download it any time, there will be special download periods until it goes into the vault for a few months, so you better download it when it's available and never delete it
Includes 1 cup, 5 cars, battle mode with 1 map and 3 playable characters.
All other characters and cups are sold separately and exclusively in Amiibo format.
$9.99 per character amiibo and $19.990 per Cup Amiibo
There will also be guest characters that will be sold as special Amiibo. Each of these special Amiibos will give you access to 1 characters, 1 car and 1 course themed after another famous Nintendo franchise (Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, etc)
Unlike the other Amiibos these will be a limited editions, there's just a fixed number of them and once they're gone they're gone. It's not know if they'll be restocked again:
These special guest Amiibo are $69.99 each.
All Mario Kart 9 Amiibos come with a built in limiter so they can only be used one. Attempting to use them more than once will not only prove unsuccessful, but will also be considered a piracy attempt and legal action will be taken.


Apr 17, 2015
I don't know if OLED is right for Gameboy games, they seemed to me like they were made with the horrific response time of the LCD screen in mind, it acted like a HW-based motion blur. OLED panels have insanely fast response time which will make each frame too clear and make the motion lack smoothness, dynamism, pizazz, etc.

When I emulate original GB on my modern LCD TV I usually emulate a small amount of fake smearing to make it move more how it did on gameboy, even though my display has a really long response time even for an LCD, let alone how fast an OLED is, so I'm guessing the problem would be much worse on OLED.

A backlit LCD would be better imo for those reasons. Per pixel dimming and perfect black levels are not needed for GB and GBC games because they don't even display blacks, for GBA it would be better but only for a handful of games.

I would buy that in a second, but not at 200 dollars, thats mental, like 150 max and even thats pushing it.
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Dec 17, 2020
I am thinking a good build quality on the gameboy that rivals the original that was built like a tank. Not some game and watch quality, my tastes 200 bucks means it has to be kinda premium.
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