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If Consoles could Talk... (They're thinking) Vol. 1


In this thread, imagine the circumstances surrounding the consoles in your home and how they are feeling, thinking, and talking to each other.


I am so fucking tired of being used to play Cocomelon and Disney+ all day. Someone please shoot me.

At least you are being turned on. I just sit here, all day. They walk by my 4 inch screen, and never even look at me.

Party over here boys! Ah.. well... Yeah... Maybe next time.. Lol..

Dun dun dun. Dun dun dun. (Halo Theme) Yeah bitches I'm back! (Imitates racing engine).

Hello? Hello? HELLO!!!?!?

I can hear you... Barely. I am still buried underneath underwear in the garage.


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PS2: Please don't use the Dualshock that way.

PS3: Yes, I'd like to file a report. I got robbed. My backwards compatibility and Other OS feature are missing from my home.


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Stoned all day and with a constant cough for the dust.

Switch crying in an angle used as a doorblocker.

Xone on the verge of suicide blocked in his box for years after M decided to release all their games on pc.


  1. PC: Is Reddit and Hearthstone all I'm good for any more?
  2. Phone: Remember when you could download apps and games without being told Device Not Supported?
  3. Tablet: Is Hearthstone and Porn all I'm good for?
  4. WiiU: Remember when all my coolest games were exclusives before being re-released on Switch for FULL PRICE!?
  5. Switch: Why don't you ever buy any of those WiiU games and play them here, I'm way cooler. Just ignore that stick drift.
  6. Xbox Classic: Based on your gaming habits over the last 10 years I think Godzilla Save the Earth must be the only game I support.
  7. Xbox 360: Remember that $100 wifi dongle you had to buy for me? How's that working out for you now, dumbass?
  8. Xbox One: Why did you stop playing with me, who is that new guy?
  9. Xbox One X: I still run new games like shit. Why did you even bother? Sucker.
  10. Nintendo Wii: I see you looking at me. Just slide some batteries in that Wii-mote and let me show you all the things I still do better than the rest.
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Ps4: You buy so many games... Yet you only play Smite and Genshin Impact... Ya dumb right?

Series S: You have game pass, why you keep buying games? As the ps4 said: Ya really dumb... Right?

Tablet: Am I only an Epic Seven player?

Smartphone: Am I only an overpriced music player? You paid a lot on me... I can play all the new cool looking games...

Vita: Where are you? It's dark in here, but I know that you are near... I can hear you! :messenger_sad_relieved:

Ps1/Ps2/Ps3: We are still here! Can you hear us? Where are you! :messenger_fearful:
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