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I miss Nobuo Uematsu regularly composing for games


Neighbours from Hell
Nov 13, 2013
I’m playing Final Fantasy XV and while I’m actually a big fan of Yoko Shimomura and her work, playing classic FF music with the custom music player has made the game experience better. And it made me realize just how much I miss his music and regularly composing, especially for FF games.

Most people feel the series started to go down hill after FFIX and I think a lot of other things played a factor in that, but that was also the last FF game Nobuo composed the majority for. I know he worked on FFX and I believe XIV but it was a collaborative effort. Outside of FF he did Lost Odyssey which was fucking great,

Nobuo to me is Final Fantasy. He composes the most unique melodies and none of his stuff sounds the same. He’s so creative.

I know it’ll likely never happen, but I hope he starts being “the guy” for FF again. I guess Hamauzu is kinda that guy now, although most of the work is all collaborative now. I like Hamauzu, but to be no one will ever match Nobuo except maybe Yasunori Mitsuda.

I think VIII and IX are my favorite soundtracks of his. I can’t imagine classic FFs without his work. It truly gave FF thag extra level of greatness it became known for at the series peak.
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Neighbours from Hell
Nov 13, 2013
He’s been dealing with health issues for a while now, right? I don’t think it was ever said what he’s been dealing with...


Oct 1, 2014
It floors me neither the FF or DQ composers got to write one note on the Genesis/Megadrive. Unless I'm totally off the mark.
Dec 14, 2008
He is reported to be in poor health, and in general that's all the information you'll get about Japanese celebrities. But I doubt he's not composing for no good reason, making music was his life before.


Jun 10, 2020
I think Nobuo lost it after they began employing orchestral recorded music. He's always been best at his fusion of electronica, (synth) orchestra and rock...

FFVIIR OST lacks the punch of the original