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Clickbait Cringe Platform I LOVE Series S

Jun 28, 2013
I know youre making love to that box.

“To a point I had a X360 that I played like a playstation console.”
What the fuck is this. LMAO. I had a Wii U, but I PLAYED IT like PS3.


Sep 21, 2018
At least it's not an NES

I have killed for lesser transgressions
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Jan 20, 2020
Hello GAF,

Its been over a week I have been enjoying Series S. Everything from smooth performance to snappy load times to abundance of games via gamepass.

It ticks a lot of boxes for me as well. Apart from being affordable and actually being available for purchase, it slots in my system without causing any disruption.

I am rocking a 1080p monitor in my room with below setup. No need to upgrade display or move around stuff in shelf.

As for graphics, I am coming from Nintendo 3ds/ PS Vita and jump in graphics is pretty amazing. Gears 5 looks stunning.

I have always been a playstation guy. To a point I had a X360 that I played like a playstation console. Never bought gold, didnt touch multiplayer, just played campaigns for all Halo and Gears games available. With gamepass, everything is included. For first time am using it as MS intended Xbox to be. Still too early to tell but so far enjoying the experience.

I am enjoying how responsive analog sticks feel. Is this due to 60 fps in games I tried or are sticks much better now? Cant tell. Aiming and putting crosshair on enemies feel so much satisfying now. Not to mention D pad. This one takes lead over my favourite D pad ever, on Vita. When you push, it has very little travel. What ever travel there is full of tactile feedback and feels like a thunk.

Little warrior is taking a much deserved rest.

MS is even gracious enough to let us know its exact date of birth. I know I will be inviting lucky few to a birthday bash one year later.

I know GAF has a boner to downplay this great little console. This thread is supposed to be a safe sanctuary for fans from any hate commentary. I have a VERY strong opinion about this. Any unduly negative will be seen as existential threats resulting in an inflammation of my amygdala.

Please understand whoever chose this machine knew about its limitations and was ok with them as in my case.

Is that you Riky Riky ??
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Nov 2, 2015
Still liking my S spend more time on it than the X, due to it being in the more sociable room of the house.
Only frustration is game like hunt showdown my most played game, the graphics are pretty terrible since its the one S version, wish it could play the 1x version of the game at reduced res. Crytek just need to release an update to the game.