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How well will the PSVR2 sell in its first month? [Predictions]

How well will PlayStation VR2 do in its first month?

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1 million units between now and Holiday 2023, with another 1 million over the holidays, settling to a steady 1.5 million to 2 million a year.

No-one knows for sure though and this industry can throw out some surprises. How many people thought the Wii, 2Ds, 3DS and Switch would sell like shit? Who could have guessed the PS3 would be turd, that the Xbox One would turn out the way it did or that a PS4 even launched.
Its madness imo. Completely removes impulse buys from people with wads of cash in their pocket seeing one and just picking it up while out shopping.

There's talk they may have a retailer surprise announcement later, but you always gamble with "insiders" on news like that.


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Probably about 4 times more then Playstation games sell on PC......so not much 😅


No Clue, After the big D and move I'm focusing on paying off credit cards but once I get my debts all cleared I intend to get one.. but may be about a year after launch by the time I do.
One day left before the big launch.

I'm curious what the 24hour sales will be. Anything over 300K would be a big deal.
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