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How often do you Purge your Christmas Carols folder Gaf?

As per the title
How often do you Purge your Christmas Carols folder Gaf?

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I have been collecting various carols from lots of different sites and i was about to upgrade my pc and realised that to copy my 3.8 tb of Christmas carols i would have to leave my computer on for a day to get it to an external drive
then i thought...bugger it..i have enjoyed every carol in that directory and there are lots of free streaming options and some of those carols are pretty old and some of the singers are dead so i felt guilty and i purged the directory (Shift Delete)

How often do you refresh your library gaf ?and what are some other interesting names you call you carols folder
3.8TB?! That’s a hell of a lot of Christmas Carols, your poor lungs must take a battering singing along with all that.
The folder was created in 2017...i remember at one point i had nearly 5tb mid 2000s but the drive failed so i had to start again
so many streaming options these days


GIF didn't load for me, feel like a right idiot now.

Honestly thought he meant Christmas carols. (Was barely awake, don't judge me). :messenger_tears_of_joy:

As for mine, only my external drives know.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
I give OP credit they’re rebuilding the structure of collecting something other than video games, did not expect a Christmas carol collector.


The only thing about Christmas I enjoy is rewatching flicks like Home Alone and Die Hard, but they're always on tv during that time of the year so there's really no point in storing them.


I was a Christmas Carols collector for a long time.

I had Christmas VHS tapes and Christmas magazines, I had CD-Roms and DVDs full of the Christmas joy. It was a great collection, even my friends and cousins would come for Christmas celebrations.

I scrapped it all one day when I realized I was glazing too much ham... Sweet Christmas Carols collection, I still miss Mrs. Silvia the Saint, the carols lead, man did she sing those microphones.


I wonder why we even save Christmas carols. I mean there's basically an unlimited number of free carols out there, why bother saving them? I can't even remember the last time I looked at my carol collection to hum some hymns. I just go online and find all new ones.
Some people organise their carols into individual folders and spend ages moving them around depending on what sort of festive feeling they have at the time
i myself was a quick and nasty dump in into one folder and extra large view to scroll through them and sometimes you just adjusted the view to list only and played roulette......which can sometimes lead to why did i download this carol as Mrs Clause has Mr Clauses bits

There are so many apps to organise movies so i wonder where the apps are to help people organise their carol folders automatically
Only favorites on various sites for me when I need a quick polish. Never pay for it.

Never save anything on my physical devices.

Rare stuff or anything that might disappear goes on a Google Drive account.


i dont watch carols anymore and my christmas celebration is very minimal anyway
It's unhealthy to not celebrate Christmas, my friend, especially in the long term.

You should celebrate at least twice a week to keep the bells ringing. Fill those socks with candy.
My what folder?

Oh I get it.... but you know someone might actually try to find a carol there and realise it's it's terabytes of porn inside?
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