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How much do you spend a month on electric?


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In the summer it's around $120/month (very hot coastal city). In the winter around $50/month. In between it just sort of varies.


I only use window units and plug in heaters, but my bill is usually ~90-130. But it's a tiny 2br 1 bath and I almost am never there during the week. Still feel like getting gouged.



There, would you say that's average for the kwh used?! Just still feels like a lot for how small the house is and how often I'm not here.


£72 a month for dual fuel. I did switch to a new fixed just before all this shite kicked off though so I expect it to skyrocket when that ends.


£96 a month for both Gas and Electronic, though been told it's going up to £117 after the price changes come in. (Two Bedroom home with an office).

Get off the prepaid meter! In the UK the rates for them are so much worse compared to meter reading once a month.


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Absolutely electric is wasted, use only what you need, you could have roommates pitch in. I can brush my teeth in the dark.


How can some of you afford $400-$700 a month??? Are you sure it's not quarterly?
In Oz you can choose to pay your electricity quarterly. My wife and I pay between $420-$580 every 3 months depending on the time of year.


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Our bill comes every two months and it's around $200/$250. winter time. Can be more in summer because air conditioner.

Kitchen appliances and tv/console mainly. Don't use our baseboard heaters because the gas fireplace is good.

950 sq/f rancher.
117 CDN$ a month for a 1200sf house with a finished basement (includes AC). 72 CDN$ for gas heating, stove, BBQ and fire pit. I redid all the windows and insulation when I moved here.

And what do you mean you "put in" OP? You need to pay in advance and you're cut out if you run out of funds?
thats so cheap for gas, are you in bc?
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