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How many "Subscription Games" have you actually finished?

How many "Subscription Games" have you finished? (That you actually started)

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In other words how many games from Gamepass/PS Plus/NSO/Prime Gaming/Stadia/Epic Store etc... have you finished?

To make things more realistic just count games you have actually started.

In my case I have only finished a few, I do download almost everything they give, particularly from PS Plus & Xbox Live Gold and I've played most of them even if it's just a few minutes, but actually finished, yeah very few.


Finished (PS+ and GP):

Spider-Man Miles Morales
Plague Tale 1
FF7 Remake
TMNT Shredder's Revenge
Gears 5
Slay the Spire
Donut County

Started and didn't finish:

Probably like 50 games.
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I only subscribe to GamePass once or twice a year for a month to try that one game I'm just not sure about. If I like them I try to finish them, but that doesn't always happen. These are games I just don't care about too much, anyway.
The only reason for me to ever get this service. And because there's so much time between my subs, they tend to stay at €1,- for me.


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Nearly every game I've started I've finished. There's a few I've obviously tried more out of curiosity but if they grab me it's until completion bbe.

Best deals in gaming!


I think just Outlast on PS+ and Halo Infinite and Plague Tale on GamePass.

Subscriptions aren't really for me unless they're Day 1 releases. If I'm interested in something then I'll already have purchased it.


I finished 32 games this year and around 25 were GP games. Then there were a few others that I'm still playing like Death Loop, Grounded, Plague Tale: Requiem, Hardspace, Aragami 2 and then there are tons that you don't really finish like Sea of Thieves, FH5 and so on.
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Only few. Then again I'm finishing even less of those I buy.

So it's not as bad as it sounds at first for subscription games.

Recently started with 'Backbone' because it's about to leave GP and I'm very much dedicated to finish it.
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I've finished two PS+ Basic games :

Control (after I bought it for PS4)
CoD MW Remastered
(Hell Let Loose platin trophy if you want to count that on the finished side)

Never finished other redeemed games if I remember right. And I don't redeem everything, just the ones that barely seem to be interesting. Most aren't.

Most games I want to play I buy in physical form nevertheless, no need for a subscription for me.
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As I am getting older, I just have capacity for one game at the time. So making sure I complete one game at the time.

Playing four to five game at the time is a thing for youths.


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I had to select 33% or less but this isn't necessarily representative of what's going on. Gamepass has altered the way that I play games, I play way more variety than before. I like to spend an hour or two every so often and quickly trial all the new games on Gamepass via streaming to get a feel for what they are like, it's a bit like speed dating they either go into the yes or the no pile and then the ones in the yes pile will get a longer test and if i've enjoyed what i've seen so far I will download it and give it a more committed play. You simply cannot play everything on Gamepass to completion and I don't want to miss out on anything that might have otherwise flown under the radar.

It would still be less than 33%, I rarely finish a game anyway and that hasn't changed since subscription games.


6 so far.
Ori 1 + 2, Halo Infinite, Gears 5, Evil Genius 2, Psychonauts 2.
All within GP 1€ test periods though. I´d never subscribe regularly to any service and I´m also not a guy who tries games just because they are there. I always go for the GP offers to be able to play specific games I`m interested in.
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Recently finished plague tale and before that deathloop which was freaking amazing, also really loved sniper elite 5 a month or so ago
I'm an old man at 36 now with 2 kids so usually one to 2 games a month.


Definitely 33% or less. I mostly use them when friends kids are round as they have super short attention spans and play games I wouldn’t buy.

Any big narrative games (the type I like) I’ve usually already bought by the time they are on gamespass or ps+, most cross platform games (or timed exclusive games), even if they are on gamespass, I’d rather pay to play on ps5 vs seriesX, as the dual sense makes them a better game…don’t think I’ve turned on the seriesX in about 5 months. Plague tale is a perfect example of this, as is high on life, both I could “play for free” but will pay to play on ps5. Scorn tho, whilst almost certainly timed exclusive, I’ll use gamespass for.

Ones I know I’ve completed tho? Hmm

Stray (ps+)
Control (ps+….but ended up buying to get the dlc)
Ascent (gamespass) (then bought on ps5 to play with friends)
Halo infinite (completed story, will never touch again, big disappointment)
Psychonaughts 2 - excellent

I keep expecting xbox to make my purchase worthwhile, given how many studios I like they have purchased, but nothing is releasing, and studios I have previously liked seem to be going in shit directions. Like WTF happened to arcane? Deathloop wasn’t bad but a big step down from prey, and redfall looks like a steaming pile 🤦‍♂️

I hope starfield is good. At this rate tho I expect I’ll drop gamespass and dust off the xbox once or twice a year when a rare decent 1st party game drops.


I have choosen the 33% option
At first that might sound disappointing, but I see that I try a lot of games and I am more inpatient compared to a game I really payed money for because I wanted to play the game.

I played like 10-15 Games to the end or pretty far in since I joined the PS+ service after the PS5 launch. Since upgrading to Extra a few weeks ago I only played Returnal, but I have so much fun with it that this game that I am quite happy with my decision right now.
I've finished some that I purchased before they were on a service, but ultimately none. I'm only subbed to ps+ for fighting game multiplayer.


My Series X came with two years of Game Pass, so I've only actually bought two games for it so far - Resi 8, which I loved and played through three full times, and Elden Ring, the utter bastard, which I uninstalled at the final boss battle and will never go back to.

So my 50% rate of completion is probably around the same for Game Pass titles too. Notable ones I liked for a while but gave up on include Deathloop, Immortality, Plague Tale 2, As Dusk Falls...
I rushed through Spec Ops The Line right before the PS Now conversion cause I saw it wasn't on the new PS+ extra/premium list. That's about it. But I only bought PS Now right before the transition to stack.


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Psychonauts 2
Halo Infinite
And soon....Octopath Traveler followed by A Plague Tale: R.

That's pretty much it. I don't think I've ever finished a game on PS+ to be honest.
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Playstation+ - too many to count.

Playstation Now/+Premium: over 10, less than 20.

GamePass(PC) - just 2 soon to be 3 with A plague Requiem, the first two were A Plague Innocence and Blair Witch.
More than enough to have gotten my money's worth, it has made me not really buy games at all for full price anymore unless it's something i really want (maybe 1 game a year.)
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I always finish the ones that I start, but I only play like 10~20% of the games "given" (PS+/Essential in my case).


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I voted wrong. But the ones I've REALLY played I've mostly finished. Then there are a bunch I have only tried briefly before saying nah. Because why not try a bunch of stuff.


Since getting Ps+ Extra a couple of months ago:
-Guardians of the Galaxy
- Ghost of Tsushima
-Miles Morales
-FF7 Intermission
- Currently playing through Deathloop.
I find it difficult to finish games these days, the last one I finished properly was Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and that was a year or two ago.
Job has allowed me more free time than ever but even so I think my ratio of played to competed is still under 33 percent. I've abandoned more games due to the service aspect.
I wonder how some of these games would make any money if they had to rely on individual sales.


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Quite a bit actually. When I activate my subscription, almost every Saturday I try to pick a game to play and finish that day. I finished around 4 so far, 2 i dropped because I simply found they weren't that good. And some i simply don't think I need to finish to be worth it, like Forza horizon 5.

My main omission is plague tale. I simply stalled keep playing that game.
Also i'd note for those of you who are beating games on gamepass dont forget to go in the app and turn in your points if youre signed up for Xbox Rewards.

Wife uses mine to buy coffee all the time lol


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way less than 33% but that's because I download tons of random shit I just check and uninstall which seems like the whole point here


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About 10%. With so many games on offer, if a game doesn't grab me within 10 minutes then it gets deleted.


I really don't care. With xvloud it's even easier to try lots of games as you don't even have to download them.

I think services like these are exposing game developers because to be hooked, a game has to be really good. I have tried a plague tale and has nothing beyond the stunning graphics.
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