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How do you use Game Pass?

How do you use Game Pass?

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I jump in everytime a 1€ event comes along, then sit on my 1-3 months for 1€ subscription without even using it once.
GP rarely ever has stuff I care about.
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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
I wish this was a multi select poll, I do a bit of option A and B both.


I do the first option. I did that trick where you buy 3 years of Gold then convert it to Gamepass ultimate and turned off auto-renew. Whether I renew or not will depend on the future price.


I use it for first party stuff from MS and otherwise mostly to try out games I’m not sure if I’d like before picking them up on sale on other platforms (Switch for portability or PS5 since I prefer trophies & the DualSense controller)

though when/if I eventually get a Steam Deck I might just move to Steam more so
My main use for Game Pass (aside from Xbox 1st party games and other Day 1 AAA games) is those games that I want to play but don't want enough to buy for full price on Day 1. Instead of waiting for sales on a lot of games I wait for them to go to Game Pass. The other primary uses I use it for are trying out smaller games I never would've bought, or for me and my friends having a shared library of multiplayer games we can all play. I'll never wait for a game to go on GamePass if it's a game I'm super hyped for.

However I don't know if I have any reason to let my subscription expire at any point, and I really have gotten so spoiled by Game Pass that I can't imagine not having it anymore. So until they drastically increase the price (which logically won't happen any time soon, and if it does will be slowly rather than immediate) or stop getting good games I'll be subscribed to it for the foreseeable future, especially with their devs (I know that's unpopular on NeoGaf, but Bethesda and Activision/Blizzard are massive and once they start rolling, whether next year or 5 years from now, it will be so many good games imo)
Most of the games I try out I give up on because I was never truly that interested in them to begin with

I think the service is pretty wildly overrated right now but I tend to only like playing AAA content.

That may change in 2023 and beyond.
If you like
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, you most likely hate GamePass


We have one TV in the house and the family is using it more and more. I use GamePass Ultimate pretty much for the cloud streaming on my iPad. Playing Fallout at work during my lunch and conference period is such an amazing feeling!


Those games that you get people really recommending but you don't want to pay to give it a try. That's what's GP is good for:
- norco
- Citizen sleeper
- umarangi generation
- omori
- AI Somnium Files
- GotG


Is this Matt Bradford? (100 points for the reference)

OT, I think you subscribe and you get to play games that are part of the subscription library 🤷‍♂️


This time last year I subscribed, played through Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, then unsubscribed.
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Feel like most folks use it ...to play games.
Try a title you otherwise wouldn't for free.
Play a highly anticipated AAA for free.
Work on backlogs or nostalgic Treasures for free.


I usually wait for 2-3 games I want to play to be on the service, sign up for a month, play the games, and cancel.

Very rarely I'll sign up if they get something I'm really looking forward to on day 1. Like for Shredder's Revenge I signed up for a month.

There's not enough that I want to play to stay subscribed month to month. That's all Microsoft's games and occasionally some smaller third party games for maybe $30 a year.


I think I was specific enough with this thread to avoid console warring (unless people go way off topic), but DGrayson DGrayson feel free to lock this if you think it's causing issues. Two pages into comments I'm not seeing any idiocy though. :D
Just ignore him S0ULZB0URNE S0ULZB0URNE has that bookmarked so he can toss it in any GP thread he sees onward.

It's like the notice you get first time you post on a new reddit channel.


Just sign up when I want to try a few games on the service, that's all. It's a glorified demo service, anything of value gets purchased and I cancel the sub.

Kagey K

Just ignore him S0ULZB0URNE S0ULZB0URNE has that bookmarked so he can toss it in any GP thread he sees onward.

It's like the notice you get first time you post on a new reddit channel.
Somebody has to do it since Frank isn't here to play hall monitor anymore.

On topic I use it to play games that I don't own when they arrive on the service, or games that come out on launch day that I might be interested in.

Anything I really want to play I still buy day one or first price drop if they don't launch on gsmepass.
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I will never support Game Pass.

And furthermore, I will never understand how people like Game Pass.
Strange stance to take. The value proposition is clear to see for people who can't afford to spend a lot on video games.

For example, GP already has a bunch of games I'm interested in playing. During this year I've played many titles from my "must play" list on GP: Yakuza 7, Psychonauts 2, GOTG, Forza Horizon 5, Gears tactics. I've also got the opportunity try games that are a just a step below "must play" status: Topico 6, No man's sky, Cricket 2022 to name a few. That's incredible value for a price of less than two full price games.


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the amount of games that I would purchase without hesitation I can count on one hand, with anything else, there's always that thought that creeps up: "yeah, but it COULD come to gamepass." And so I wait. The only time I allow myself to buy games that ARE on my wishlist is during Steam sales.

so yeah, gamepass has coloured how I shop for games. it's definitely made me more conservative, allows me to exercise discipline in denying myself immediate pleasure, and I'm someone who prefers to wait for games to go through all their patches and expansions before delving in.

games that I'd day 1, off the op of my head: Hollow Knight 2, Returnal PC, Bloodborne PC. Yep, I guess I only have 3 at the moment. Anything else, wait to see if it lands on gamepass, if not, wait for a big sale. go enjoy your other hobbies.

What I find more interesting than the question "do you like gamepass" is "do you buy the game separately if you end up liking it on gamepass?" I'm sure I'm not alone when in saying that I mooch gamepass from a family member (nephew console gamer), much like one mooches for spotify/netflix/other subscriptions. I have found that if I really enjoy a game, I'll buy a copy on Steam, or DRM free if available. I was happy to, and this only happened when I found Unsighted.


I don't. I like the idea of Game Pass on paper and think it would be great on paper, but I know myself and when I'm presented a bunch of choices I end up not picking anything.


Mostly for demo and trying out purposes. The moment PC Game Pass gets implemented somehow and somewhen into Steam and also runs without streaming on the Deck, I'll use it waaaay more.
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