How are you enjoying the Elden Ring colosseum?

I think it’s a good addition but only wish it was an item that allowed you to participate in each. Every time you start a new game you have to play up to the colosseum you want to use. If it was an item you can just travel to the colosseum. Maybe you can only open the door from the outside so you don’t travel out of it if you still early game on ng+.


I'm yet to go back to Elden Ring, but im sure its going to be good once i do. The idea is neat, i hope there is rewards for winning.
It’s great fun, total chaos at times. And I love seeing everyone’s builds.

I wish you got like a ruin arc for every kill though.


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I wish it’s done something similar to Sekiro, you can re-fight bosses but they new move-set. I personally never cared for PVP in souls games.
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