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Housemarque says it wants to create more ‘bigger experiences’ like Returnal


Another AA game for 70$??. No thanks.
You can buy it now at 50 but people like you who can't wait one month to buy the game are complaining like whining kids. Get over it, wait a month and the game will be in a normal price range.
But if you don't play a game at the release day the games goes bad and it's rot right???
Probably would've been higher with UE5 instead as they faced many trouble with UE4, typical performance problems as the devs say expected from UE4. But does it really matter though when it looks like this? Especially for distant objects?

It does look great, probably wouldn’t even have thought it was 1080p, but I do think dynamic resolution would solve this.

my issue is they advertised it as 4k and dynamic 4k, which is not bs.
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