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Hotline Miami Collection Coming to Xbox.


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Enjoy Xbox users!

Personally, only Hotline Miami 1 was great, 2 not so much (didn't like its new approach). 2 had my favorite song in the series:

Fox Mulder

Amazing soundtrack and some fun gunplay. I didn’t like the sequel as much but it still had a darker soundtrack.


Patient MembeR
First game was amazing. Completed it multiple times including the secret message.
Second game was amazing, but significantly more difficult to me. I haven't beaten it yet but I hope to do it one day.


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It's about time. It's crazy how long it takes for some indies to be released on Xbox, if at all. I welcome them of course.


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25 € for an eight year old game and a five year old game that sell for 6 to 7 € combined regularly on Steam? Good luck.
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