Horizon Forbidden West - Gameplay Trailer


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
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how long until peeps take freeze frames of that final spear-throw and call her fatty again? ^_^

Of course, this is looking fantastic, even better than the first game, and guerilla are confirmed legit. Nothing to worry about here. Except the fact that I never completed the first one because I couldn't put the time in that it demanded. So I hope this one isn't a waste of money.


Looks cool but probably the same janky sony gameplay
Huh? Sony has had some of the best gameplay this past gen. Spiderman, Horizon, TLOU2, Uncharted, GOW, all have excellent gameplay.

The issue is they havent yet figured out how to take that gameplay and constantly apply it to new situations. Something Nintendo learned very early on in games and why their first party stuff has been so good for decades. Problem with Sony Studio games is they think getting the initial gameplay, the graphics, and the story is enough. And it probably is judging by their sales, review scores, and awards but if they want to make these games stand the test of time they are gonna need to take that next step in application.
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This game seems to have new solid mechanics. Still not sure if you can climb everything in the environment or just specific areas as the first game.
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