Honest thoughts on Shuntaro Furukawa as Nintendo president?


The big difference with Switch is that, as you said, they have a lot of different partnerships with different developers and publishers.

On mobile there is a very clear devide between the Pokémon strategy and the "every other Nintendo IP" strategy. In 2013 Iwata was still talking about Nintendo's decision not to do mobile games, even though Pokémon mobile games already existed by then.

So I think what Nautilus and myself were trying to say is that, while the Pokémon strategy begun in 2011 will continue, the "every other Nintendo IP" strategy begun in 2015 will not.

So we shouldn't expect to see more mobile versions of Nintendo games like Mario Kart Tour or Fire Emblem Heroes. Nintendo has stepped back from that and will go for a different approach.

So yes we will see more Nintendo IP on mobile. But not like before.

Nintendo made a ton of money from mobile, so they'll continue updating their active GaaS games and will release more Nintendo mobile games, being Pokémon only one of their big IPs being released on mobile.

Theres no reason for Nintendo to stop doing it and there's no statement from Nintendo mentioning or hinting that they would stop doing it.

The reason of them focusing more on Pokémon than in other IPs in mobile it's because Pokémon has been way more successful than the other IPs in mobile and fits better. If the mega success of Pokémon Go would have been instead with a Kirby game, they'd have released many Kirby games.

Like any other company, not only in mobile games, they test different stuff and later they iterate and focus more on what it works best for them.

In addition to this, mobile GaaS games are titles that require a ton of work after launch: they get many updates with new content, tweaks and so on. After release, as long as the game keeps performing good enough, they keep adding more stuff on it.

So after releasing a bunch of mobile GaaS titles companies stop releasing games for a while because they are busy making post launch content for them. There's a limited amount of fans, resources and budgets, so doesn't make sense to keep releasing a dozen games every year. But they'll continue realeasing more mobile games when they see fit and when they consider it makes sense.
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