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Hogwarts Legacy - Next Gen Immersion Trailer


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"Connect With Your Wand..."

Hum!... WHAT?


Don't care about this gimmick stuff tbh. I just hope it's fun and plays nice.
Oh, and I hope they redo that stupid "waiting to grown or create a potion" timer. Sounds stupid and cheesy to me, as if it's the local place to start a microtransactions(buy gems, crystals to speed up the process, etc).


This looks so good. Probably the only big game besides God of War for the end of the year. I bet this will sell like crazy
This game is looking great. If it turns out to play well, it'll sell huge.

But this year is also shaping up to be pretty nice overall:
  • God of War Ragnorock
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Last of Us Remake (rumored)
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  • Lord of the Rings Gollum
  • Final Fantasy XVI (rumored)
Much better than last year even with all of the delays...


I want this game to be great but my skeptical/cynical side is worried they're attempting to cram way too much into this one game in an attempt to appeal to every Harry Potter fan out there and we'll end up with an okay, 7 out of 10, game of disjointed concepts and generic open world stuffs.

I really hope my cynicism is proven wrong.
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Didn't realise this game was also on the One, PS4 and Switch...
yeah. makes you think. all the cross gen games are pretty much trash. lookswise. hopefully this was legit ps5 gameplay and not pc. i got suckered into buying lego star wars on ps5, and at 60fps it's blurry garbage. we shall see.
Love the haptic triggers, they add so much to the experience to the game. Especially for driving, shooting, bows and now wands.


Harry Potter games are on the record as being trash I think people over value trailers and the tech nerds will dismantle the game upon release yeah that’s harsh but games are $70 today I expect good to great games.

You don't know what you're talking about. They were among the better movie tie in games. The only game that was really a turd was the last game.
Game looks so damn pretty, I hope it delivers. It looks like it’s going to be so fun to explore, I just hope it has good exploration/ambient music, and I hope the combat is good because what we seen so far was serviceable but not great. I look forward to the Dualsense features, if done right is fantastic.
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