Hitman 3 sold 300% better than Hitman 2


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Hitman 3 has done gangbusters for IO Interactive

CEO Hakan Abrak is claiming this year's entry was 300% more commercially successful than previous entry Hitman 2.
In interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Abrak explained that Hitman 3 wasn't just the highest-rated critically of the series—it was also the most profitable, despite being the first game entirely self-published by the studio.

That's a welcome turn, considering the first game's failure to meet Square Enix' lofty expectations saw the publisher drop the franchise. In contrast, Hitman 3 made its money back within a week, even as—as Abrak explains in the video—the developer faced "challenges" in adapting to work under Covid 19.
"If there's something that IO knows how to do, it's a Hitman game," said Abrak. "It's just like saying 'I know Kung Fu', we know Hitman."



All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
Do you have to be connected to the internet to save your progress still? That killed 1 for me, I never got 2 or 3 because of it.
Congrats IO. The new trilogy were easily some of the best games this past few years. So good that I'll even forgive them for removing the upskirts in Hitman 3!



Well deserved for this fantastic trilogy. It's up there with Splinter Cell and MGSs best, and we had it this recent gen. It's criminal how under appreciated it is when it's the best Hitman has ever done.

None of this is even hyperbole. Holy shit, go buy the trilogy if you haven't.
A thread about hitman and half your post is about the series X. And apparently I have insecurities.
It’s the system that I played it on, not sure why this is such a problem for you. I’m sorry that you’re so thin skinned that you saw my post and felt the need to go off topic and cry.
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Why can’t Xbox users compliment a game without it sounding like an advert for the series consoles?
I see Io interactive praised and mentioned in his post no series X/S advertisement. File sizes is a big deal whether you're on XB or PS next gen platforms.

Does Hitman 1 & 2 need to remain installed to play those levels on Hitman 3?
You can access all in 3 if you downloaded all seasons in 3 and delete old H1&H2 downloads to save space. Either way accessible.
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Guessing the majority is console sales and whatever epic gave them up front. Can't see it doing well on pc at the moment due to egs exclusivity.


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I beat HITMAN 3 last week, really enjoyed the game although it was a bit short (I'm aware theres replayability in how you complete the objectives differently each time). I'm now looking forward to their 007 game, no doubt it will be good :)


Love the Hitman franchise, I'm still ranked #1 in the world on 1 contract and the 2nd escalation mission on part 1 on XBL.

Definitely buying 2 and 3

Congrats to the team, well deserved.
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What a fantastic series. Well deserved. This game is even better when you combine all 3 into one big mega game. Highly recommended.


This is unexpected....

Have PS4 Disc version. Inserting it it gives the download PS5 version option as default.

Downloaded PS5 version and can freely play it without the disc in the console. Extraordinary, is this an oversight or by design? What’s stopping me giving the disc to 100 people?
I beat it and enjoyed it but I am not one to replay games so the small amount of content was disappointing.

Zoro7 Zoro7 I also played on my xbox series x and it was fabulous. I wouldn't have mentioned this fact but you seem to be keeping a tally.


Do you have to be connected to the internet to save your progress still? That killed 1 for me, I never got 2 or 3 because of it.
Yes, unfortunately nothing has changed there and switching to offline mode cripples your progression. At least the server issues weren't so severe this time after the launch, but you'll still get at least a single disconnection once every few hours.
Not really surprised. Next game game drought showing it's effects. People buy games they usually wouldn't because there is nothing else to play. I assume RE8 will profit from this as well next month.


I just beat Hitman 1, 2, and 3, all under the umbrella of a 64gb install file on my Xbox Series X, 4k60. IO Interactive has nailed it this time.
Help me then please! So how do I play all Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 level is in Hitman 3? I guess I have to buy all three games? Do I need them digitally? Which version exactly? I’m completely at a loss how this whole thing works exactly.


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Now I love IO and Hitman, but is this one of those bullshit-accounting cases where the epic exclusivity is being counted as 1 or 2 thirds of these sales?
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