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History of the Saints Row 2 revitalization patch (long read)

Thought about making this thread due to recent developments with one of Volition's current community developers, IdolNinja.

Some of you may know that when Saints Row 2 was released on PC, it turned out to be a bit of a mess, and one that never got cleaned up. The PC version was outsourced to another company, and never received much in the way of official support. Instead, one modder, IdolNinja, took it upon himself to fix the game to the best of his ability with the Gentlemen of the Row mod circa 2011. Despite his best efforts though, the game still remained unplayable for a lot of people.

As time went on, IdolNinja eventually became a community developer for Volition, and continued his efforts in more of an official role. Although one hurddle that remained was that the source code for the game was thought to be lost, until recently. Due to various mergers and acquisitions, the source code had been missing, but was later found in 2019. With the source code now in hand, a two-man team led by IdolNinja, could now make great efforts once thought to be impossible.

However, IdolNinja announced on his Twitter and on the Steam discussion page for Saints Row 2 in mid-2020, that he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Coupled with the pandemic and treatment needed for his condition, progress on the revitalization patch had slowed to all but a halt. Good news came later when IdolNinja announced his treatment had been working, and that he was cancer-free as of November 2020, and that he would be returning to work in the office.

Unfortunately, this good news was only temporary, as just recently, IdolNinja posted a final update on his condition, that the cancer had returned with a vengeance and that he only has a short time left, which will potentially leave him unable to see the completion of his work. Despite his condition, IdolNinja continues to work on the revitalization patch, 100% of his own choice, despite assurances and support from both Volition and Deep Silver that they would take over and finish the project in his name.

So that's pretty much it. Saints Row 2 holds a special place in my heart, as a game that I grew up with and played with one of my best friends. Seeing the development and history of this project has been a unique and surreal experience, and I thought that it was something worth sharing, if only to honor the efforts of an individual who took it upon himself to see that a proper version of this game finally get released on PC.





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Sad man, I always feel all clear is just a reprieve spending all my life working in various hospitals.


It came at such a weird time too, I don't know when he actually died, but the news was released fairly close to volition's new game announcement.


Is it even possible to play saints row 2 on the PC at a decent level, I'd like to play the game again and don't feel like setting up my 360
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