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Hideo Kojima Wanted Hans Zimmer to Score Metal Gear Solid 2

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Hans Zimmer's Thin Red Line soundtrack is the best music ever recorded.
Calling him overrated is pure nonsense.
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Hans Zimmer is overrated and annoying, but so is Kojima, so a match made in heaven.
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Hans Zimmer is overrated and annoying, but so is Kojima, so a match made in heaven.

Hey! Found a job opportunity perfect for you!

…Zimmer’s more recent stuff isn’t fabulous, but he’s one of the greatest movie score composers of all time. Peaking for me personally with The Dark Knight soundtrack.

Kojima can be a blowhard, but he’s undeniably one of the most creative devs in the industry, despite his worst excesses that let him down on occasion.


You guys do understand that being so totally revered, overused and overpraised by their industries means that it is quite impossible to make a case that they are not overrated.


Zimmer is overused and mainly coasts by these days, the last score he did that felt "fun" was the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

Also this news was already known no? It's talked about in the making of MGS2 video that was released around the time of the game.

Also LOL at people posting examples of music from MGS2 saying it's better when it was Norihiko Hibino composing the gameplay and menu stuff. HGW only scored the cutscenes.



T’was a good joke though. Hans Zimmer’s fell off hard after The Dark Knight trilogy anyways. Spider-Man 2, Dark Phoenix and 2049 whatever he put towards that were not noteworthy at all.
its not even hans zimmer creating this music, he has a team of 50 people that do most of the soundtrack work. one of my friends has been working for him since 2009

edit: recent article about this https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2022/02/the-ugly-truth-of-how-movie-scores-are-made
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This guy did a good job (Albeit for MGS only) !: ,

Also check out the work he did for Golden Eye worthy enough to be part of ANY Metal Gear Game let alone 2....:
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