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Hideo Kojima Teases "Radical Project"


I just realised the straw covering his crotch could be a reference to Evangelion maybe:

That is how Japanese do censors.


LOL. So the enemy AI in newer MGS games regressed? Isn't it supposed to get better with newer tech? LOL
Companies opted out for boring contents.
Most games have filler content, and all the things that made them great in the past, have been taken out.

Halo=No Split screen. CoD= Everything that made it cool. Battlefield =Lost with EA. Assassin creed=hidden 🗡 is the only connection to that past games.


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Kojima helming the next Tony Hawk Pro Skater could be interesting. It was the role that Kiefer Sutherland was born to play.

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I mean the dude is getting old.
From his recent comments it sounds like he wants more output, quicker.
ie: Smaller games and more of them.
Im cool with that.


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Had to skip 13 cutscenes in order to get to gameplay, benched the game and uninstalled.

Dude should just make movies


Can anyone explain what a "cloud game" is? What advantages does a cloud game get that traditional games don't?

My explanation is something that has a 'major part' of the game only available via the cloud, this could be the default quality assets (an offline version could have a mvp version of assets) aka flight sim or the more interesting thing is a model that is constantly being fed by the actions of a group of players aka
Hello Neighbour 2.
Cant be excited for a Kojima game anymore since before MGS 5 release. Did he make addicting games, sure but the story is so convoluted, jsut a bunch of bullshit thrown together to make it look like its "smart" but its just nonsensical in the end. Obviously the real writer was gone after MGS 3.


Its not a rumor when Hideo is saying it publicly.

Saying what exactly?

Him making a AAA game is confirmed but everything else is still unknown. There is still questions about this other 'title' and what it actually is. Some people think it's a game and some think it's an movie/anime.


Saying what exactly?
Didn't you read the tweet lol?

Him making a AAA game is confirmed but everything else is still unknown.
Not really. He hopes to make a second game as well. One that is quite different.

There is still questions about this other 'title' and what it actually is. Some people think it's a game and some think it's an movie/anime.
Its a second game. Cloud based. Experimental, smaller in budget. Perhaps episodic. Those are all things Hideo has said.

But yes, we don't know who's publishing it, if its coming soon, is it a horror game, etc.
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He seems to talk about 3 projects, each one in a different area:
-Hoping to get the video team going (videogame)
-May start doing something like a radio project (podcast)
-Next level of experimentation with a radical project (not a videogame, not a podcast. maybe a movie/anime/manga/tv show)

Btw he and his team were heavily bullied by -I assume still- Konami execs and fired from Konami, forget about working again with them or using their IPs.
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Kojima Productions, the game development studio behind Death Stranding, is now hiring dozens of new game developers, including, but not limited to, writers and producers. The specific requirements imply that the studio will continue working on high-end AAA games alongside its smaller projects, as well as suggesting a few potentially interesting tidbits for the future.

The Kojima Productions website references dozens of open positions in various branches of game development, such as the listings for a Physics Programmer or a Weapons/Mechanical Artist. Most of these call for previous experience in game production, too, as well as mentioning English language proficiency as a highly desirable skill. Given that Kojima Productions is working on anime alongside games both big and small, this implies that the studio is looking to continue delivering native-level content across the board.
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