Hideo Kojima Teases Appearance on NHK TV Game Show


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Hideo Kojima announced on October 8 through his Japanese Twitter account he’ll be appearing on NHK TV show Game Genome.

In his Tweet, Kojima explained Game Genome is a show where games are used as an educational medium. The name is a reference to how humanity completed the documentation of the human genome, so now we need to take a look at the game genome. This episode will focus on Death Stranding.

The show features actress Tsubasa Honda (who’s currently making her own game) as MC, and popular music artist Gen Hoshino (If you don’t know him, it’s the guy who did the Dancing on the Inside video that became a meme in April 2020) will be appearing as a guest alongside Hideo Kojima.

Obviously, don’t expect any news or announcements during the (pre-recorded) show, but it’s very likely Kojima will share some tidbits on his ongoing projects. (And reiterate for the Nth time that games will be fusing with movies one day.)

Game Genome featuring Hideo Kojima will be aired on October 15 at 22:45 JST (9:45 AM EST). Click here for conversions to other time zones and a countdown.
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