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Hi-Rez shutting down Paladins on Nintendo Switch June 2023



I actually played this more than Overwatch. Fun casual shooter, ran at 60fps.

Greetings Champions,

After lots of discussion and thought across our team, we’ve made the difficult decision to end support for Paladins on Nintendo Switch, with the final update it receives being Midnight Masquerade. This choice wasn’t made easily or without concern, however we realized that the performance of our Switch port was not up to our or community standards and we were unable to provide support at the level our community deserves. We spent countless hours working on platform-specific problems, and dedicated ourselves to solutions as long as we could, as recently as the work done for Payload; however, this has caused frequent challenges that prevent Paladins from being the best game it could be.

This shift allows us to better focus on the other platforms Paladins is on, as well as have more flexibility in how we deliver updates to players. We will continue to support Paladins on Switch until the release of the following update in late June, from which point the game will be inaccessible on the Nintendo Switch.

As of April 19th, Paladins and its DLC are no longer available in the Nintendo eShop, and all in-game purchases on Nintendo Switch will cease. If you’re a Switch player & wish to continue playing Paladins in the future, we highly recommend utilizing HiRez account linking to pick up your progress where you left off on PC or Xbox. For more information on account linking, check out this blog.

We’re aware that this is another announcement in a string of large-scale changes Paladins has experienced this year, so we want to reassure our community that we still intend to fully support Paladins on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox starting with the update slated for June following Midnight Masquerade. Stay tuned for more information on that update & the Switch sunset from our socials.

Once again, we appreciate every player of Paladins and understand this is a disappointment to many, however we feel this is the best path forward to ensure Paladins can continue to improve & provide all players a good experience moving forward.


The Switch is getting too long in the tooth, we need a new system soon. I hope Switch 2 comes out this fall or March of next year.

agreed, with things moving on to the currant gen consoles switch is massively lagging behind now. time for a new fresh Nintendo idea


King of Gaslighting
Much better game than Overwatch and you gave me a mild heart murmur with that headline with the qualifier coming at the end.
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