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Hellena Taylor (Voice of Bayonetta) Describes How She was Offered only $4,000 USD to Voice Her Again in Bayonetta 3.


Back when I was into Anime, she was really good as Yomiko Readman from Read or Die TV. Guess it made sense since she is English and so is the character (mixed English/Japanese, but still)
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I faintly remember on this board or the purple one, someone said she does theatre work as her normal job. I dont know if thats true (or I misremembered what the poster said).

I checked the cv on her website, she hasn’t worked in theater in many, many years. She ‘forgot’ to list the dates of her performances, so I had to google them. She is so desperate to fill her resume she even listed plays she did when she was studying drama. And even then her resume is embarrassingly short for someone who is supposedly a working actor for decades.
Spot on, except the $450M part. According to a tweet, she might had got that number by adding up all copies sold according to VG Chartz and x by $60. It calculates pretty spot on. Problem is not all games are sold at full price and VG's sales chart for the series includes a subtotal row which she included which doubled her sales count.

So not only is she a liar going on social media with out of context tweets, but she cant even read a sales chart right. Also, retail $$$ means nothing anyway. Whatever the true number is, you can chop off 30% due to the retail cut. The remaining amount is what Nintendo/Platinum's sales are to wheel and deal with.

Feel bad for Nintendo. Imagine negotiating with this kind of person.
Damn, VG Chartz is still around? Have they ever improved from selling educated guesses as legit data?
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