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Hellblade enhancements vs GOT directors cuts enhancements (Yes, this is post upset at Sony for charging)


Dec 8, 2011
Hehe hate is real lol. its not 60fps on PS. It feels really good at 60 now.

Also When it was made, NT was indie studios and they made the game with 10million budget. They focused on theme of psychosis with mild focus on combat and more puzzles and story.

Hellblade 2 10x bigger and visual showcase

Does not compute — boring at 60FPS is still boring.

I have always been critical of NT dating back to Kung Fu Chaos and Heavenly Sword — I don't like their games... Wouldn't make a difference if they had been purchased by Microsoft or the Soft Pretzel place at the mall.

Anyway, glad you are excited. (We all need reasons to be excited about gaming right now)