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[HDTVTest] Horizon Forbidden West HDR Settings - 4 Things Guerrilla Games Didn't Tell You


I was thinking about it. My optometrist said I was a good cand. for Lasik.
It was something I did not plan or expect to do… it just happened a chance for the surgery just because my doctor said all my tests were perfect for surgery.

Today I can say… do it… do the surgery… I have no issue or discomfort with glasses but after get to see everything right I realized how important it was.

Mine was Lasik too… did at morning, my uncle took me home after, I have that feel of crying all the time (it is not pain but something weird) for some hours, sleep a bit and wake up without any weird issue anymore (could read books already without glasses).

Next day I returned back to checkup and everything was good so I returned to work in the next day… I had to use sun glasses when in direct contact with sun and not enter in public swimming pool for 6 months.

After that… well 14 years already with no issue at all.

Just do it.
And back here to say if the colors change or not 😉
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What do you mean by that? The tonemapping off setting?
The new Bravia XR chips has this setting

HDR tone mapping - gradation preferred.

This setting solves alot of HDR issues for many games which doesn't support HGIG.

Edit: even if the games which support HGIG, i always on that setting. It looks better than being -off.
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thank you for this, I always felt something was off with the game's visuals. No matter what I do with the setting of the tv it never seems right. but this hit the nail right in the head (the settings that work for me are a little different than the op). also, not playing on game mode introduces a lot of graphics bugs if it helps anyone.
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While I respect Vincent's work, his settings are strictly from a technical POV and are used to retain detail in the sky. Unfortunately because of the way the game has been tone mapped by the developers this also comes at the expanse of killing any depth or pop in the game. I settled on HGIG on the LG CX and highlights at -4, brightness at 0 and shadows at 0. It's give and take with this game.
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