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HBO Max Censors Birds of Prey: R-Rated Version Swapped With TV-14 Version


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The version of the Harley Quinn-centric DC superhero film now opens with a warning that reads, "This film has been modified as follows from its original version: it has been edited for content." Though the service still lists the uncut version's R rating from the MPAA for suggestive dialogue, language and violence, the R-rated content has been scrubbed from the movie, with curse words dubbed over with G-rated euphemisms and visual gags like Renee Montoya's T-shirt (which reads "I shaved my balls for this" in the original version) blurred out.

This edited version of Birds of Prey is the one that has been airing this month on TNT with a TV-14 rating. HBO Max streams content from throughout the WarnerMedia library, which includes both HBO and TNT among various other TV networks. Perhaps the most likely explanation for why the edited version of Birds of Prey is the version streaming is that the broadcast rights transferred from HBO Max to TNT, and as a result, HBO Max has to stream the TNT version if it is to stream the movie at all.

Harley's flip off was also digitally altered:


That's crazy. I watched it and don't remember anything too crazy in it. Then again I barely remember the film other than being fun but not memorable. How utterly pointless.


Well if there's anyone out there that wants to out themselves as a fan of this movie or be an ironic fan of this movie enough to complain about this we'll be hearing them soon.


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I guess in their eyes providing their customers access to the TV-14 version was better than nothing? I mean, HBO is home of some of the most salacious and vulgar shows in television history - I doubt they're trying to push censored content onto their customers out of some kind of moral objective.
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