Has XBox become the "Sloppy seconds" brand?

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I know the title can be inflammatory and I admit I'm not a big fan of XBox. Lately I can't shake this feeling that's what XBox has become, the place for second grade experiences.

I thought about this after the leaked footage of Kojima's game"Overdosed". Yes it's early and more of a proof of concept than real gameplay but if you read previous Kojima's statements about the projects he is working on, it's obvious that "Overdosed" is the experimental, smaller project while the AAA project, the main one that he keeps teasing about is "Death Stranding 2" exclusively to Sony after already collaborating on "Death Stranding 1" with them.

Another recent announcement, "Silent Hill 2" remake was just announced to be a PS5 timed console exclusive developed by Bloober Team. While there is a lot of things left to be desired from this announcement (Bloober being a mid team is one of them) you can't deny that PlayStation got the bigger get from this team comparing to Xbox getting "The Medium".

Lets look at another recent example, Team Ninja is making two exciting titles, "Wo Long Fallen Dynasty" and "Rise of the Ronin". One is associated with XBox "Wo Long" because they have the marketing and will launch on GamePass (but it will still release day 1 on PS5 still), the other "Ronin" is full console exclusive! And it doesn't end here, the team admits that "Rise of the Ronin" is what their more focus on, with higher budget and higher goals and aspirations.

The Persona and Yakuza series too, these franchises existed for years on PlayStation and to various degrees of exclusivity, and when it finally arrived to XBox they are treating it like winning the superball with parades and everything! Some influences seriously declared that "XBox the home of Yakuza or the home of Persona" :messenger_tears_of_joy:

And it goes on and on and on, one console gets Final Fantasy,the other gets Octopath Traveler with the sequel on their console no longer. One gets deals with highly acclaimed indies like Kena and Sifu, the other gets the gunk and Scorn.

It can't be just because PlayStation is first and XBox is second? At the end of the Microsoft has bottom less pit of money right? Is it the relationships Sony has with developers specially Japanese ones? Is it having an eye for which projects can be a successes or rated highly, seeing early gameplay and signing the deals? If that's it then what's XBox scouts doing?

Notice I'm not even talking about first party projects, that is a different topic by itself.
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